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Valkommen Till Sverige: Day 8, Aifur Restaurant

Aifur Restaurant, Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden

Aifur Restaurant, Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden

Earlier this evening, Iman, Stephanie, Caitlin, Brittany, Sam, Zach, Daniel (our Swedish guide), and I attended a Medieval, Viking-themed restaurant in Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden called Aifur. Simply put, the food was absolutely delicious and the beer was certainly tasty as well. I ate, in true viking form, the lamb rack with sauteed vegetables and potatoes. I also enjoyed the house brew named after the restaurant, Aifur. The “ol,” which is beer in Swedish, provided a bit of a hoppy and spicy taste from start to finish. It definitely was not an Indian Pale Ale, but tasty nonetheless. It was also a bit sneaky in its delivery of alcohol content. This is because even though it was a bit dark, it tasted like a lighter beer, but definitely gave me a nice little buzz after one glass.

As you can see from the picture to the right, the table setup is quite remarkable. The forks are two pronged with a large gap between each prong. It was bit difficult eating with the fork. It wasn’t designed for eating fast, so it took some patients. But Swedes don’t eat fast anyway. The meals are more about the experience and enjoying the food and the company of friends and family. Hence, a meal usually takes an hour or so. And the meals are followed by a walk and Fika. Fika deserves a posting of its own so I will defer until then. One last thing, the water jug on the table is made of clay. It is quite heavy when full even for a person who works out. I found this out when I volunteered to fill everyone’s water glass at the table. It was a bit of a work out, but the viking inside me enjoyed it.

The Date Table

The Date Table

Another really interesting and aesthetically fascinating thing about the evening was what I called “The Date Table” (pictured to the right). Yes! That is a ladder and it is used to to climb up to the table. As you can imagine, I was quite jealous of the family who ate up there during our dinner (I have a picture of the family and the waitress, but I won’t post it at this time so you will have to use your imagination). This is by far the coolest dining setup I’ve seen thus far during my food expeditions here in Stockholm. My plan is to meet a cool lady and enjoy “The Date Table” at least once before I return to the United States.

To give you an idea of what some of my friends ate and enjoyed this evening, Iman had the Indulgence of the Raven Lord. It comprised of a lovely and tasty “Marinated flap steak, served with a parsnip cake, juniper-smoked pig’s side, baby onions and a red wine sauce.” As Iman explains,

[The name] is why I got it. It was really savory. I felt very barbaric. But that’s not the right word. It made me feel very human. There were lots of flavors. I was pleasantly surprised, but I wouldn’t expect the food to taste that good back then. I think the atmosphere made the food taste better. The [restaurant] exceeded my expectations.

As you can see, the dinner was amazing, the beer was very good, and the company was top notch as usual. I’ve had a lot of fun eating at different places here in Sweden and have enjoyed a lot of good food. But as far as experience and aesthetics, this restaurant is my favorite by far and I will be in Stockholm for another 3 weeks. So if there is an experience plus food that can beat Aifur, then I’m ready. Final thought, if you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, then you would absolutely enjoy this restaurant and experience.

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