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Fika: A Baker’s Wife’s Pastry Shop

Photo Courtesy of Bolobilly,

Photo Courtesy of Bolobilly,

A Baker’s Prelude

Located at 4200 S. 28th Ave, Minneapolis, Minnesota, or South Minneapolis if you’re from the south side, A Baker’s Wife’s Pastry Shop, or A Baker’s Wife for short, is a tasty, yummy, and scrumptious old school, neighborhood, Scandinavian influenced pastry shop. These facts can be illustrated from the pastries to the coffee to the Minnesota accents, that are Swedish influenced, behind the counter on any given morning. In addition, the success and yummyness of this bakery can be illustrated from the long lines that sometimes form outside the bakery in the early morning during the week in the summer.

The Chocolate Donut

Old reliable, this is one of the best chocolate donuts around. It could be 7 am, 12 noon, or 4 pm, the chocolate donut is always fresh. You will, indeed, experience the tastyness at any point throughout the day. Because of this, you can assume that A Baker’s Wife considers the experience and pleasure of the chocolate donut from morning to evening and from the first bite to the last bite. This quality keeps the customer coming back for more and more. It is not only good business practice but it is a testament of the self-respect A Baker’s Wife has for its creation and the courtesy and respect the baker has for the customer who walks through the front door.

Photo Courtesy of Urban Dynamics/Matt Johnson - A Baker's Wife's Chocolate donuts

Photo Courtesy of Matt Johnson – A Baker’s Wife’s Chocolate donuts

The first bite is delicious. The second bite is just as delicious. But there are less bites than usual. A Baker’s Wife’s chocolate donut is smaller for an American donut. Generally American donuts today are substantially larger; for example, a Dunkin donut or a gas station donut. Of course, American food is larger in general especially when compared to other countries and continents. For example, the portions of food in Sweden and Venezuela are smaller than the portions here in the United States. Because A Baker’s Wife’s chocolate donut is smaller than the average American donut, two donuts would be an optimal choice for the average American. But yummyness would prevail with a single donut as well.

The Chocolate Croissant

I love chocolate. I have a sweet tooth. And as a repeat customer, I quite often go with the old reliable chocolate donut. But I also enjoy a little bit of adventure. I am always game for trying something new and tasty. Considering both factors, I was ready and willing for a new scrumptious adventure.

At first thought, asking for a suggestion when it comes to food can certainly be a hit or miss because the experience and taste of food can be so subjective. But I have learned from previous experience that those who work at the local neighborhood bakeries or restaurants know best, and are to be trusted. With this in mind, A Baker’s Wife has more to offer than just tasty chocolate donuts. Sandy, an employee, helped me greatly in this regard. Hospitable, kind, and friendly with a smile, Sandy asked me if I wanted to stick with the chocolate theme. She also asked me if I liked croissants. With her knowledge of the pastries, and considerations for my taste and food desires, her choice paid off handsomely. She gave me the chocolate croissant – a wonderful choice.

Photo Courtesy of Urban Dynamics/Matt Johnson - A Baker's Wife's Chocolate croissant

Photo Courtesy of Matt Johnson – A Baker’s Wife’s Chocolate croissant

A Baker’s Wife’s chocolate croissant is covered with sugar powder. The first bite is flaky, powdery, chocolatey with an easy after taste. It is not to strong and does not over power the taste buds like some other pastries. It is just right. My croissant had a tasty crispy chocolate at each end. Second bite was better than the first. And each additional bite was yummier than the one before. The ends of the croissant were crispy and yummy and the croissant was tasty to the end. A fantastic alternative to the yummy donut.

Final Thoughts

A Baker’s Wife is a great choice for an early or late morning breakfast. It is also a great choice for those workers on the run to work. And of course, A Baker’s Wife is a wonderful choice for Fika, which is Swedish for “a coffee and sweets break” with friends, co-workers, or fellow philosophers and thinkers. It is a great opportunity to sit down with colleagues and discuss and ponder the complexity and problems of the world. But I digress.

My review is just supporting the appreciation, respect, and value A Baker’s Wife has in the south Minneapolis community. A quick Google search will show that the pastry shop has a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating on Google. This is out of 70 reviews. Out of 197 reviews on Yelp, A Baker’s Wife has a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating. Frankly, this is about as impressive as it gets for a bakery and pastry shop, or any business for that matter. A Baker’s Wife will not disappoint and neither will its yummy experience.

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