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Fika: Mel-O-Glaze Bakery

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of – Mel-O-Glaze Bakery, South Minneapolis

Mel’s Prelude

Free coffee? Indeed. Open from 6 am in the morning to 6 pm in the evening, Monday through Friday, Mel-O-Glaze is located on the Minnehaha Parkway within walking distance to both Lake Nokomis and Lake Hiawatha. The bakery is also open on the weekends and is a great option for family outings or for early Saturday morning coffee and reading.

Mel-O-Glaze is a large and spacious bakery. There is plenty of room to hang out and admire and ponder the wide variety of pastries. While you are pondering your next tasty adventure, the bakery provides a complementary coffee. Yes! You read that correctly. A complementary coffee is on the house. But the bakery’s hospitality does not stop there.

Just like most other bakeries, Mel-O-Glaze’s selection can be a bit overwhelming. This is when knowledge and relationship management (the ability to interact with other people) comes in handy. During my first visit for this review (yes! I visited multiple times), I had many questions and Vicki helped me greatly. With a warm, hospitable, and engaging personality, Vicki answered all of my questions with thorough knowledge of the tasty products and explained some of the differences between some of the similar products; for example, the chocolate cake donut and the chocolate glazed donut.

Chocolate Cake Donut

Photo Courtesy of Matt Johnson - Mel-O-Glaze, Chocolate Cake Donut

Photo Courtesy of Matt Johnson – Mel-O-Glaze, Chocolate Cake Donut

If you are a fan of chocolate and donuts then the Mel-O-Glaze chocolate cake donut is for you. Mel-O-Glaze does not hold back on this chocolate beast. From the very first bite to the last, chocolate is your thesis. Each bite is a chocolately, tasty experience. Even the smallest bite accentuates the chocolate prominence of this cake donut. In other words, it’s noticeable. However, there is one downside to this cake donut.

Its strength is also its weakness. Make no mistake, this chocolate cake donut is a chocolate cake donut. It is tasty and it is delicious, although small bites are recommended. And feel free to share the donut with those around you. This is by no means a down side. However, it is a bold and beastly chocolate cake donut created, with love I’m sure, for a bold and beastly chocolate cake donut lover. It is indeed an experience.

If you choose to be better than everyone else in south Minneapolis, then consider a good bold, strong coffee as a perfect complement for this chocolate beast.

Yummy Assortment

Mel-O-Glaze has plenty of delicious options. If you are a person who likes to nibble, then the bakery can provide you with a tasty assortment. For a morning treat, or breakfast, or Fika, your taste buds will appreciate you taking the time to provide it with deliciousness.

Photo Courtesy of Matt Johnson - Glazed Donut, Plain Cake Donut, and Chocolate Baklava

Photo Courtesy of Matt Johnson – Glazed Donut, Plain Cake Donut, and Chocolate Baklava

For a different and tasty experience, an assortment of sweets is highly suggested. It is the assumption of this author that no matter what combination of sweets are brought together for a tasty medley, the patron will not be disappointed.

The glazed donut is the signature donut and it does not under perform. This is a tasty donut. It may not pack the punch of its cousin the chocolate cake donut, but there is no doubt that it is an exceptional donut for personal time with coffee. In addition, it plays well with others. The glazed donut was not hampered by the plain cake donut, nor was it hampered with the combination of the chocolate baklava. Neither was the plain cake donut hampered by the glazed donut or the chocolate baklava. The plain cake donut, simply put, is deceptively delicious. But by no means is this a problem. It is fresh and it is tasty, especially when dunked in coffee. Yum!

The chocolate baklava is very good and it is better than most. Absolutely this tasty adventure could be consumed at any time during the day, but honestly the chocolate baklava would be a superb and delicious companion for an afternoon Fika session.

Final Thoughts

Out of 28 Google reviews, Mel-O-Glaze has a 4.3 rating. Out of 73 reviews on Yelp, the bakery as a 3.5 rating. Personally, my taste buds tell me that Mel-O-Glaze is much tastier than the ratings on either site illustrate.  Thus, no matter if you go solo with your own sweet and coffee, or if you enjoy breakfast, dessert, or Fika with family or friends, I believe that your palate will not be disappointed. Besides, Mel-O-Glaze provided complementary donut holes during each of my visits, and they were tasty!

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