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Rebuttal: Planned Parenthood is “More than just abortions”

Photo Courtesy of Center for Medical Progress

Photo Courtesy of Center for Medical Progress

Life, and the right to life, this is the current predicament facing our American morality. This is about the sanctity of a new and precious being; this is about the sacredness of a priceless and defenseless unborn baby. These are the moralities by which those of us who espouse such conservative principles live by while those who do not, fail to comprehend or recognize such righteous indignation – those admirable moralities – time and time again.

It is our moralities that allow us to hold ourselves responsible for those who are not yet able to hold themselves responsible. These are the moralities that bind us as a community; these are the moralities that bind us as a society; and these are the moralities that bind us as a nation. This is the content of our character.

In a recent opinion piece in the Iowa State Daily titled More than just abortions: Planned Parenthood provides health insurance, testing for STDs, birth control, Angelica Lawson attempted to pass off and rationalize Planned Parenthood as some sort of justifiable and reasonable organization despite the recent, morally problematic event of selling baby parts.

For example, she rationalizes her position with par for the course rhetoric, “…there is more good than bad that comes from Planned Parenthood.” Does this make selling baby parts okay? Is she saying that because Planned Parenthood does so much good, it is okay for them to sell baby parts? She continues her grandiose position with the common left leaning exposition that somehow defunding Planned Parenthood “…would only perpetuate the war on women’s rights.”

But there are three very simple and obvious problems with this rationalization for Planned Parenthood. First, selling baby parts has nothing to do with women’s rights. It is rhetorical nonsense and logically incoherent; it does not follow. Second, there is the obvious discrepancy of selling baby parts. There are many scientists who object to testing on animals and consider it unethical. Is selling baby parts ethical? Should voters accept this as the norm? Should this be standard business practice for scientists and Planned Parenthood?

And third, it says a lot about the current character of the American people who support such disgusting and insidious doings along with those who would sit idly by in great numbers and let this kind of action take place. Does America not consider life to be sacred anymore? Is America willing to shamelessly thrust aside its most valuable treasure, its future, for convenience?

Dear reader, have you bothered to watch the videos published by the American Center for Medical Progress? Have you? There is an American organization selling baby parts for 70, 80, 100 dollars per part.

Have you even seen the wanton nature of such immorality and desecration of a precious and helpless human being by those bartering and dealing their parts over dinner and wine? They make it look so easy. The rationalization and acceptance by the political punditry and those who espouse such a political position and attempt to defend it is astonishing and frankly morally crippling.

No matter how one cuts and edits the videos, it still does not change the fact that Planned Parenthood is slicing and dicing parts like some sort of sick, perverted psycho in a Hollywood horror film. Is Planned Parenthood really the sick scientist from the Centipede movie? Not only is liberal morality mute on this point, it is filled with righteous hypocrisy.

I am sure that you have heard of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)? Such an organization is fanatic when it comes to the rights of animals. I am also sure that you have heard about the recent and unfortunate circumstance of Cecil the lion, yes? No doubt he is, or was, a beautiful animal. But astonishing public outpouring for that majestic creature compared to the countless lives that have been wiped from existence through the annals of Planned Parenthood is mindboggling.

Consider this short narrative. The baby part sold once belonged to a sentient being; a being who will not get the opportunity to experience growing up, going to college, making friends, playing sports, meeting a future wife or husband in school, having kids, and in some distant future, returning to college (say Iowa State University) with their children and passing on the legacy of opportunities and adventures to their loving children.

But this is okay because as Ms. Lawson explained in her article, “Planned Parenthood…provides health care, birth control, testing for sexually transmitted diseases and health insurance.” In other words, do not worry about the sacredness that binds our communities or allows us to protect the most vulnerable. Planned Parenthood gets a pass because they provide other essential services. This is astonishing rationalization, just astonishing.

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