In General

Getting out of Race: A Prelude

The idea of race is deeply embedded within the culture of the United States. And there is good reason for this happenstance. First, this territory, the United States, was involved in the Atlantic Slave Trade long before the Declaration of Independence or the United States Constitution. Second, many of the early colonial laws such as the Act XII in the colony of Virginia during the mid 1660’s differentiated between “white” and “black,” and free and slave, respectively. In the case of Act XII, it specifically used the term “negro” and slave as synonyms for Africans. Third, the government of the United States was used as a tool to play favorites between those who immigrated from Europe and those who were, again, forced here through the Atlantic Slave Trade and into generational bondage in the new colonies.

And finally, although there are plenty of other examples to illustrate this point, there is the lack of scientific knowledge by the American culture at large. What is meant by this is that very few Americans seem to understand, at least in the opinion of this author, that humanity is an African species evolved to question its own existence. The anthropology, biology, chemistry, genetics, and mathematics, to name a few disciplines, illustrates such an existence. All United States citizens no matter if they are of European, African, Asian, or middle eastern descent, are all descendents of those first Homo sapiens who emigrated out of Africa 10s of thousands of years ago.

So here is the crux of the problem. Americans in the mainstream, both liberally and conservatively (but this author would say that liberals are more guilty of this phenomenon), perpetuate race as though it was real. Somehow “black” is a race, “white” is a race, and Asian is a race. This makes little sense until one understands that Americans do not have the basic and most fundamental tools to comprehend between the fallacy of race and the reality of the species. That is, Americans conflate race, or the act of racism, for competition between the dominant group and the non-dominant group mixed with prejudice and xenophobia. As a consequence, race is treated as real, but it is really just an illusion.

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