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The 15 Most Recognizable Economic Entities from the Blue Line

Photo Courtesy of Urban Dynamics - Blue line, Lake St. Station

Photo Courtesy of Urban Dynamics

The Minneapolis Light-rail blue line corridor is more than just the number of people who ride it every day to their respective locations. It is a line that connects most of the economic wealth of Minneapolis. In other words, the vast majority of Minneapolis’ economic production of wealth and vitality reside on the blue line. In addition, two of Minnesota’s most traditional and successful sports franchises reside on the blue line as well. And finally, the birth place of Minneapolis, the Falls of St. Anthony, is only three short blocks from the Downtown East Station, which is adjacent to the Minnesota Viking’s new home, U.S. Bank Stadium.

Here is a list of the 15 most recognizable, and important, economic entities on the blue line between the Mall of America and Target Field:

  1. Mall of America
  2. Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP) International Airport
  3. Valspar Corporation
  4. U.S. Bank Stadium (Home of the Minnesota Vikings)
  5. Lutheran Financial
  6. Government Plaza (City and County Governments)
  7. U.S. Bank
  8. Century Link
  9. Center Point Energy
  10. Excel Energy
  11. Nicollet Mall
  12. Theater District (Arts & Entertainment)
  13. Warehouse District (Arts & Entertainment)
  14. Target Center (Home of the Minnesota Lynx and the Minnesota Timberwolves)
  15. Target Field (Home of the Minnesota Twins)

As you can see, this is quite a list. Did you realize, or know, that all of these businesses were connected by one track?

To put this into perspective, Valspar, U.S. Bank, Excel, and Lutheran Financial are all in the Forbes 1000. In addition, the Minnesota Vikings and the Minnesota Twins are both ranked 18th in value in their respective leagues for 2014 according to Forbes. In total, there are four major sports franchises accessible from the blue line. Finally, MSP International Airport moved more than 35 million passangers in and out in 2014 and Mall of America created about 2 billion dollars in economic activity in 2014 according to Triple Five. Not bad for a line just over 12 miles long.

Author’s Notes:

  • The list is in geographic order starting with the southern most business (Mall of America) to the northern most business (Target Field).
  • Currently, there are 19 stations on the blue line.
  • The blue line as been in service since June 26, 2004.


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Photo credit: The Systems Scientist




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