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The 6 Forbes Companies of Minneapolis

According to the 2014 list of Forbes 1000 companies, there are nine Forbes 1000 companies that reside in Minneapolis. However, after accounting for the political boundaries of Minneapolis codified by the city charter, and an argument challenging Forbes for the exact number of companies that belong to the Minneapolis system, Urban Dynamics proposes that there are only six Forbes 1000 companies in the Minneapolis economic system.

Here is the list of the six Forbes 1000 companies including their respective industries:

  1. Ameriprise (Financial)
  2. Excel Energy (Energy)
  3. Target Corp (Retail)
  4. Thrivent Financial (Financial)
  5. U.S. Bank Corp (Financial)
  6. Valspar Corp (Manufacturer of paint and coatings)

Again, this list does not include those Forbes 1000 companies outside of the political boundaries of Minneapolis. Those companies are Donaldson in Blaine, General Mills in Golden Valley, and Medtronic in Fridley. On the other hand, Ameriprise, Excel Energy, Target Corp, Thrivent Financial, U.S. Bank Corp, and Valspar Corp either reside on the light-rail blue line, which runs from Mall of America to Target Field, or they reside within a 3 to 4 block radius of the blue line in Minneapolis’ 3rd Ward (Downtown). In addition, they are all located within just a few blocks of each other; and their proximity to each other is what perpetuates the economic heart beat of Minneapolis.

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    • I noticed that as well when I was researching the Forbes companies. It could help explain why the Minneapolis market place was able to recover the way it did after the Great Recession. Workers in the finance industry do very well in Minneapolis.


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