Economic Systems

Systems and Systemic Discrimination: Wage Discrimination


Is there systemic wage discrimination against women? In this short video produced and hosted by the American Enterprise Institute, a well-known research institute with conservative leanings, Christina Hoff Sommers discusses systemic discrimination against women.

Final Thoughts

What about reproducibility? A part of the scientific method is the act of reproducing one’s own experiment. This is sound science. It allows the scientist, or scientists, to check for consistency and accuracy. In addition, it is important for fellow researchers to take the experiment and test to see if the results can be duplicated.

So in the case of the Yale study, there would be, initially, three important questions. First, what were the findings? Second, What was the methodology of the experiment? And third, has any other researchers attempted to reproduce the experiment? Did the follow-up experiment, or experiments, reproduce the initial findings?

Finally, every person should heed the advice of Christina Hoff Sommers. Dismissing someone else’s “scholarship,” findings, or opinions just because of their political association and/or leanings is bad science. It is a bad idea in general. And this scientist agrees with that notion. Science is not liberal and science is not conservative. Science is science. And to just wantonly suggest that systemic discrimination exists without any type of scientific analysis is just bad science and suggests some questionable critical thinking skills.


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