Minneapolis: The Numbers Within the 4th Ward

By Matt Johnson

Figure 1
Data Provided by the City of Minneapolis – Data Compiled and Computed by Urban Dynamics – Figure 1

As Figure 1 illustrates, the 4th Ward has had the highest percentage of foreclosures in the City of Minneapolis since at least the fourth quarter of 2006 with the exception of the second quarter of 2007 when the 5th Ward held the highest frequency.

But is every zip code and neighborhood created equal when it comes to the numbers and percentages within the 4th Ward?

As we can see from Figure 2, there are distinct differences between the zip codes of the 4th Ward in North Minneapolis – 55411, 55412, and 55430. It is clear that 55412 contains the highest numbers of foreclosures from quarter to quarter throughout 2014.

And the distinction is fantastically highlighted when we look at the differences in relative frequency. As Figure 3 indicates, between 70 to 80 percent of the foreclosures in the 4th Ward were concentrated in the 55412 zip code throughout the respective quarters of 2014.

Figure 2
Data Provided by the City of Minneapolis – Data Compiled and Computed by Urban Dynamics – Figure 2

But there are a couple of differences to keep in mind while we continue to analyze these three zip codes over the course of Urban Dynamic’s analysis of the north side.

55412 is the largest zip code by area in the 4th Ward at 3.6 square miles and it comprises most of the 4th Ward’s land area.  55430 comprises the next most land area for the 4th Ward at 1.23 square miles. This is because only 22.07 percent of 55430 resides in Minneapolis. But there are some other differences between 55430 and 55412. According to City Data, 55430 has a higher proportion of “white” to “black” residents, a lower unemployment rate, and a higher level of education from high school through graduate school than 55411, 55412. How much of this difference between “white” and “black” residents in the 55430 zip code exists? That’s an additional question that will require a bit more digging.

Continuing our decomposition of the 4th Ward, 55411 is the smallest zip code in area in the 4th Ward. This is because most of 55411 resides in the 5th Ward, so in this analysis, 55411 and 55412 won’t be compared.

Figure 1
Data Provided by the City of Minneapolis – Data Compiled and Computed by Urban Dynamics – Figure 3

55411 will be considered in future articles when we analyze the 5th Ward and when we directly compare the 4th Ward to the 5th Ward. However, it should be noted that 55411 and 55412 contribute most of the foreclosures in the 4th and 5th Wards.

Moreover, future articles will explain how the number and percent of foreclosures in North Minneapolis increase as one moves from north to south (or from south to north depending on your reference point); that is, from 55430 to 55412 to 55411 and to 55405 and 55401. Future articles will also attempt to illustrate this same thinking and pattern for unemployment, median household income, education level, and “race.” Remember, as each article is published, another part of the painting is created.

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