Who’s the New White Guy?

By Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson, Author of Urban Dynamics and Systems Scientist
Matt Johnson, The Systems Scientist

You’re probably asking yourself, “Who’s the new ‘white’ guy writing articles for The Systems Scientist?” Well I’m glad you asked. That’s J.A. Klyng, otherwise known as The Philosophy Nerd. He likes philosophy and he’s a real nerd about it. Did I mention he’s The Philosophy Nerd?

Klyng approached me a few months ago about the idea of writing for Urban Dynamics. And since then, he and I have been working on and preparing for his arrival.

From his perspective, he already knew he could approach the subject of Urban Dynamics from a philosophical point of view; from my perspective, it was how to incorporate him into the fray. I’m sorry! Did I say fray? I meant into the chaos. I’m sorry! Did I say chaos? I meant into the family.

Anyway, and to be honest, he and I go back a little ways. Now he’s all grown up (he was a grown up then) and works as an adjunct professor at Los Angeles Pierce College. Ironic! We met at Los Angeles Pierce College. Hmmm…

Jonathon Klyng
J.A. Klyng, The Philosophy Nerd

Klyng’s always been curious. He’s always been a thinker and he’s always asked questions. You know, the type of person you want delving into the complexities of cities and the people and organizations that reside in them.  And he’s got that “it” factor. You know, the one where he’s interested in effecting change.

Klyng brings with him a philosopher’s tool kit. So his approach and perspective will be a bit different from mine. But I promise it will be every bit as unique as mine.

Going forward, he will be addressing issues mostly within the context of the Los Angeles area, although I’m sure he’ll write about subjects and issues outside of Los Angeles. He will be talking about a great many things and occurrences in that urban environment. And I’m sure he’ll be putting forth some interesting ideas and possible solutions.

So who’s the new “white” guy? That’s J.A. Klyng and he’s The Philosophy Nerd.

For further exploration into the world of The Philosophy Nerd, read Diversity, The Oscars, and The Philosophy Nerd.

**Remember, there is nothing more American than discourse. You are always welcome to post your comments, thoughts, and questions below. Feedback is always appreciated!

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