Government and Policy

Interview Series: Abdi Warsame, CCM of Minneapolis

By Matt Johnson

In this interview with Larry King from September of 2015, Abdi Warsame, City Council Member (CCM) for the 6th Ward in Minneapolis, discusses the challenges and goals of being a city council member while dealing with foreign policies from his unique perspective. As Council Member Warsame explains to Larry King

I am a councilman. I am an American first. And I happen to be an American of Somali origin. But my role is to defend, to make sure that everybody in my city of Minneapolis and in my state of Minnesota and in my country the United States is secure from terrorism whether it is domestic or international.

Here are some of Council Member Warsame’s agenda issues from the interview:

  • Terrorism (domestic and international)
  • Educational Opportunities (School)
  • Property Rights & Home Ownership
  • Community Integration & Stability
  • Educate the community (Domestic and Foreign Issues)
  • Work with law enforcement

Council Member Warsame understands that domestic issues and foreign affairs are interconnected. As he illustrates about half way through the interview, educational opportunities and home ownership are important components for building an integrated and stable community, where its citizens feel compelled to remain and participate rather than leave and become a part of the challenge.

Larry King w/ Abdi Warsame, CCM

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