The Seeing Servant

By Robert J. Garrison, The Seeing Servant, Guest Columnist

Greetings! My name is Robert J. Garrison. I have been asked to contribute to my good friend Matt Johnson’s website Matt and I have known each other for a long time, going all the way back to high school. We both share a passion for learning and passing on knowledge to others.

Robert J. Garrison, The Seeing Servant, and his lovely wife, Beverley

Robert J. Garrison, The Seeing Servant, and his lovely wife, Beverley

Matt has always been open to gleaning insight from different ideas, cultures, and perspectives. I was more than willing to contribute to his website when asked. However, first let me give you a brief intro to myself.

I am a graduate student at Capital Seminary and Graduate School, working on my Master of Arts in Ministry. Currently I am working at the seminary library and also working at one of the numerous homeless shelters in Washington DC area. I’ve been working at the shelter for 3 months.

The reason I have a passion to help the needy (not just the homeless) comes from something that happened when I was 8 years old. Every couple of weeks a bag lady, named Mary would come around and look through the trash cans around the apartment complex that we lived in searching for aluminum cans.

Michael, a Vietnam Vet, is one of D.C.'s "unseen."

Michael, a Vietnam Vet, is one of D.C.’s “unseen.”

My mom watched as people would “not see” her and not engage with her due to her being a homeless bag lady. My mom was moved by this and started to reach out to her just by saying hello to her. My mom started saving cans for her.

Mary was so moved that someone would be willing to see past her outward appearance and treat her as a regular person; and Mary, who dug in trash bins to find cans to buy food, was so moved by the love my mother showed her that this homeless woman bought me a toy car for Christmas.

My mom saw the unseen in society and treated them with the love and respect that Jesus taught in the Gospels. This is why I have such a passion to reach out to those in society who need help. I choose to see the unseen.

My articles will be dealing with many issues pertaining to the “unseen” mainly in the Washington D.C. Area, but I will talk about the “unseen” outside of D.C. on occasion as well.

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**Remember, there is nothing more American than discourse. You are always welcome to post your comments, thoughts, and questions below. Feedback is always appreciated!

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