A New Page: Minneapolis, MN

By Matt Johnson, The Systems Scientist

Photo Courtesy of Dan Anderson

Photo Courtesy of Dan Anderson

Welcome to the Minneapolis, MN overview page. This page also doubles as the page for the General Minneapolis System, or GMS. As a systems scientist in the emerging field of systems science, and as someone who was born and raised in Minneapolis, it is my goal to help educate and interact with the general public, community leaders, business and industry leaders, and policy makers in Minneapolis in achieving a greater understanding of Minneapolis as a system.

By system composition, the General System of Minneapolis is composed of an ecological system, an economic system, a cultural system, and a political system. Further explanation of these system components can be found in the subsequent pages linked to this page. But more than these subsystems of Minneapolis, the city is an accumulation of its history dating back to the emergence of industry around the Falls of St. Anthony, its dynamics between the city itself and its respective groups and individual citizens, and between the groups and citizens themselves spanning history to the present day.

In short, Minneapolis is, and has been, a complex web of agents (people and groups) interacting and engaging to find their economic well-being, cultural recognition and acceptance, political representation and application, and ecological existence and harmony. In systems science, Minneapolis would be called a Complex Adaptive System, or CAS…Read more here.

For further exploration of the dynamics of Minneapolis, please feel free to explore Economies, Policies, and Systems and Analyzing a Crime Pattern of a General System.

**Remember, there is nothing more American than discourse. You are always welcome to post your comments, thoughts, and questions below. Feedback is always appreciated!

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