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Modern American Journalism, Not a Place for Science

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If you visit the online news sites of the Star Tribune, The Des Moines Register, the Chicago Tribune, and The Seattle Times, then you may be out of luck if you were looking forward to catching up on current scientific events. This is because the front pages for these online traditional news papers do not have a section for science news. In addition, 14 of the largest 15 cities in the United States do not have a science section either.

Photo Courtesy of the New York Times

Photo Courtesy of The New York Times

As a possible result, the majority of the 29.8 million people that reside in the 15 largest cities here in the United States will be opening their respective browsers this Sunday morning to a front page without a “Science” section. Fortunately, the largest city in the United States has a clearly defined section on science. But how does The Systems Scientist define this current condition of journalism?

The condition is that the online paper must have the word “Science” clearly labeled as a subject link, or tab, on the front page near the title of the paper (See our header as an example). Unfortunately, and of the 30 online papers that were viewed for this article, only one paper meets this requirement.

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Here are the lists of online papers with a “Science” section and with no “Science” section.

List of online traditional news papers with a “Science” section:

  1. The New York Times

List of online traditional news papers with no “Science” section:

  1. Los Angeles Times
  2. Chicago Tribune
  3. Houston Chronicle
  4. Philadelphia Inquirer
  5. The Arizona Republic
  6. San Antonio Express
  7. The San Diego Union-Tribune
  8. The Dallas Morning News
  9. San Jose Mercury News
  10. The Austin American-Statesman
  11. The Florida Times-Union
  12. San Francisco Chronicle
  13. The Indianapolis Star
  14. The Columbus Dispatch

Other online traditional news papers with no “Science” section:

  1. Houston Chronicle
  2. Miami Herald
  3. Orlando Sentinel
  4. Atlanta Journal Constitution
  5. The Washington Post
  6. The Washington Times
  7. The Wall Street Journal
  8. New York Post 
  9. St. Louis Post Dispatch
  10. The Plain Dealer
  11. Star Tribune
  12. The Seattle Times
  13. The Des Moines Register
  14. St. Paul Pioneer Press
  15. Detroit Free Press

An immediate question is, why do these large publications not report science?

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