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The American Flag: The Sacredness of the Right

Originally published in July of 2015, this article delves into the different perspectives of how the American flag is viewed and how it should be treated. As a means of applying some science and rational to this issue, Jonathan Haidt and social psychology are utilized to help explain and provide context for the possible why. This will continue to be an issue.

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In his book The Righteous Mind, social psychologist Jonathn Haidt argues that sacredness – along with tradition, purity, and authority – is a morality that is often and highly practiced by Americans on the political right. This does not mean that Americans on the political left do not practice sacredness. They do; for example, they embrace and practice righteous indignation in conservation and environmental consciousness. However, sacredness in the form of patriotism, and sometimes righteous indignation of that patriotism, is emphasized in the practice and respect of the American flag by mostly the political right. Hence, banning or burning the American flag are examples of this disrespect, this desecration.

In recent news, Angie Hildebrandt, a property owner (of a condominium) and resident of Edina, Minnesota, was told by the Minnesota Condominium Association “to take her American flag down.” A mother of two young men, one serving in the…

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