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Science Journalism and The Largest 25 Cities in the US

“…only 1 paper, The New York Times, provided a link for its science section on the front page of its websites. The other 24 papers did not.”

By Matt Johnson, The Systems Scientist

In a previous article titled Modern American Journalism, Not a Place for Science which was published on this site back in March, I examined thirty local newspapers across the continental United States. Of those local, traditional thirty newspapers, which are now online, only one newspaper, The New York Times, provided a link for its science section on the front page of its website.


Considering that no American group has a monopoly on scientific ignorance, I felt this was an important subject to revisit. Why? First, the founders of this country felt the press was important enough to mention by name in the First Amendment of the United States constitution. Second, the United States was founded during the Enlightenment.

Thus, it is reasonable to assume that one of the many uses for the press was used to disseminate critical thought in the form of argumentation and facts, was it not? And is it not reasonable to expect the same from modern American journalism?

As you will see, I have examined the top 25 largest cities in the United States and their respective newspapers. I have also included the links for your convenience and curiosity.

According to my examination, only 1 paper, The New York Times, provided a link for its science section on the front page of its website. The other 24 papers did not. Here are the results.


Data compiled by The Systems Scientist
Newspapers, science sections, and the largest 25 Cities in the United States
Rank City Population Newspaper Y/N
1 New York, New York 8,550,405 New York Times Y
2 Los Angeles, California 3,971,883 Los Angeles Times N
3 Chicago, Illinois 2,720,546 Chicago Tribune N
4 Houston, Texas 2,296,224 Houston Chronicle N
5 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1,567,442 Philadelphia Inquirer N
6 Phoenix, Arizona 1,563,025 The Arizona Republic N
7 San Antonio, Texas 1,469,845 San Antonio Express N
8 San Diego, California 1,394,928 The San Diego Union-Tribune N
9 Dallas, Texas 1,300,092 The Dallas Morning News N
10 San Jose, California 1,026,908 San Jose Mercury N
11 Austin, Texas 931,830 The Austin American-Statesman N
12 Jacksonville, Florida 868,031 The Florida Times-Union N
13 San Francisco, California 864,816 San Francisco Chronicle N
14 Indianapolis, Indiana 853,173 The Indianapolis Star N
15 Columbus, Ohio 850,106 The Columbus Dispatch N
16 Fort Worth, Texas 833,319 Fort Worth Star-Telegram N
17 Charlotte, North Carolina 827,097 The Charlotte Observer N
18 Seattle, Washington 684,451 The Seattle Times N
19 Denver, Colorado 682,545 The Denver Post N
20 El Paso, Texas 681,124 El Paso Times N
21 Detroit, Michigan 677,116 The Detroit Free Press N
22 Washington, D.C. 672,228 The Washington Post N
23 Boston, Massachusetts 667,137 The Boston Globe N
24 Memphis, Tennessee 655,770 The Commercial Appeal N
25 Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee 654,610 The Tennessean N
Total 37,264,651
Source: United States Census Bureau


**Remember, there is nothing more American than discourse. You are always welcome to post your comments, thoughts, and questions below. Feedback is always appreciated!

Copyright ©2016, The Systems Scientist

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