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Top 10 Paying Bachelor’s Degrees

“It is engineers who helped to develop and build cars and trucks, mobile devices, laptops, and tablets, roads, bridges, and…”

By Matt Johnson, The Systems Scientist

Modern civilization is built on the mathematical and scientific achievements and advancements of the previous 350 years and the thousands of scientists and mathematicians who helped to develop and formulate such ideas that helped this modern civilization to emerge. It is one of the main reasons why practitioners in STEM fields are in high demand and will continue to be in high demand.

It is engineers of all shades who utilize mathematical and scientific ideas to develop technology. It is engineers who help develop and build cars and trucks, mobile devices, laptops, and tablets, roads, bridges, and tunnels, skyscrapers, ships, submarines, electronic equipment, space shuttles, satellites, giant telescopes, search engines, telecommunications, and so and so forth.

It’s easy to see why the top 1o paying bachelor’s degrees would be engineering degrees. Each of these engineering fields provides something to the products and services United States citizens benefit from everyday.

Did you watch the NBA Finals? Engineers. Did you successfully drive over a bridge on your way home from work in your car or truck? Engineers. Did you have to fill up your gas tank during your family road trip? Engineers. Did you watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians last night? Engineers. Well, it’s not perfect. But you get the point.

With that said, here are the top 10 paying Bachelor’s degrees for 2015/2016.

Data compiled by The Systems Scientist – Top 10 Degrees by Bachelor’s degree
Rank Major Degree Type Early Career Pay
1 Petroleum Engineering Bachelor’s $101,000
2 Mining Engineering Bachelor’s $71,500
3 Chemical Engineering Bachelor’s $69,500
4 Computer Science Bachelor’s $69,100
5 Computer Engineering Bachelor’s $68,400
6 Nuclear Engineering Bachelor’s $68,200
7 Systems Engineering Bachelor’s $67,100
8 Electrical & Computer Engineering Bachelor’s $67,000
9 Electrical Engineering Bachelor’s $66,500
10 Aeronautical Engineering Bachelor’s $65,100


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    • They have indeed. I mined the data from Pay Scale (see the source). So I followed their argument. That’s why the two are separated. As you probably know, there are academic departments that teach the two disciplines as a single discipline and there are others that do not. .


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