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How did sharks survive the past 400 million years?

By Science Editor

With the airing of Sharksanity 3 this past Saturday night on Discovery, we were sad to see the end of Shark Week 2016. And what a wonderful 28th season it was. We gained so much in just seven days. The payoffs from previous seasons came in both technological advances and knowledge about the different species of sharks.

For example, we learned in Sharks Among Us that Dr. Craig O’Connel created a simple but yet ingenious piece of technology using magnets and pvc piping. This promising technology, if pursued, could protect both humans and sharks.

But we’re not quite ready to let go of Shark Week 2016, nor are we done learning about these beautiful animals.

Fortunately for us, Trace Dominguez hosted an online series on YouTube during Shark Week 2016. Compliments of DNews, we have more shark news.


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