Johnson/Weld on Sterling, Castile, and Dallas

By Political Editor

With the recent events of police shootings of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, and the ambush killings of police officers from the Dallas Police Department, it is entirely appropriate for the citizenry of this country to look to its political leaders for comfort, direction, and guidance. It is also appropriate for the citizenry of this country to look to its potential political leaders for the same.

And with the current 2016 presidential in full swing and the beginning of the political national conventions only a few days away, all of the contenders from the major parties have provided their words and perspectives. However, to provide some sense of balance to the process, The Systems Scientist felt it appropriate to republish this issued statement from the Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, Libertarian ticket concerning this previous week’s events. Here is their Facebook statement from Friday, July 8, 2016:

2016-07-09 (5)Our thoughts are with the families and colleagues of the Dallas police officers who were so brutally murdered. The apparently calculated and cold-blooded shooting of those who were simply trying to ensure the peaceful exercise of citizens’ rights to protest is both despicable and unacceptable in our society.

Violence and murder are not how we deal with problems in America. But to the extent that they are symptoms of the real issues of injustices suffered by minorities and mistrust of authorities, we cannot hide from those issues. All Americans, including those in law enforcement, deserve leadership that will restore public faith and begin the process of healing the divide between those in authority and those who are subject to that authority, regardless of race, ethnicity and economic status.

We have real issues in this country with regard to the relationship between law enforcement and our communities — and those issues must be dealt with calmly and cooperatively. As we go about that effort, we must all join in rejecting the kind of cowardly and tragic atrocity that has occurred in Dallas.

As a nation, we have wounds to bind.

Copyright ©2016 – The Systems Scientist

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