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Space Fan News: Juno, Black Holes, and Hitomi?

By Science Editor

In this 170th episode of Space Fan News, physicist and space nerd, Tony Darnell, provides some insights from the most recent space news: Juno, Black holes, and Hitomi.

TSS reported early last Monday that Juno would enter Jupiter’s atmosphere at around 10:18 pm that evening during the time of the 4th of July fireworks for Independence day. As Tony explains, it is now safely orbiting around the gas giant to begin its 20 month mission to study its origins and evolution amongst other scientific objectives.

He also delves into the current research of black holes. For example, how did black holes originate and how did they form? The problem as Tony illustrates, “…there just hasn’t been enough time…” He will detail further some of the challenges scientists are facing in regards to these natural phenomena.

Along with JAXA’s Hitomi, these are just three of the most recent space news topics covered in this week’s Space Fan News. Note, JAXA is the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.

Live long and prosper!

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