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Are you suffering from election fatigue?

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Are you suffering from election fatigue? According to a recent Pew Research Center study that was administered between early June and early July, about 6 and 10 Americans are already “worn out by the…election coverage.” That means nearly 4 and 10 Americans are still going strong.

As Jeffrey Gottfried, the author of the article, elucidates

This feeling of fatigue is particularly true among those who aren’t following news about the election very closely – 69% of this group say they are worn out compared with about 41% of those who follow the election very closely.

However, fatigue and interest are not the same thing as is pointed out. Another study conducted by Pew earlier this year showed that interest in this election was up from previous election cycles. But this fatigue depends on the subject matter.

too little coverageWhen it comes to the candidates’ comments, 44 percent of respondents say there has been too much coverage. In contrast, when it comes to the candidates’ stances on issues, 56 percent of respondents say there has been too little coverage.

Respondents would also like to know a little less about the candidates’ personal lives and a little less about which candidate is in the lead. In contrast, respondents would like to know more about the candidates’ moral character and the experience they are bringing to the table.

In addition, a greater number of democrats, according to the study, say there has been too little coverage on the candidates’ experience. In other words, more than half of democrats surveyed would like to see a greater amount of coverage concerning the candidates’ experience. Only a third of republicans would like to see more coverage about the candidates’ experience.

It appears as though the data is suggesting that a little less bravado and a little more substance would go a long way to decreasing election fatigue. And just imagine, the political party national conventions don’t start for a couple more days.

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