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IBM, Yahoo, and others to release earnings this week

By Economic Editor

According to, which is an investment and research firm based in Chicago, Bank of America, IBM, Goldman Sachs, American Express, AT&T, and several other public American companies will be releasing their quarterly earnings and data information this coming week.

These reports are important because they provide valuable financial information for investors and other players in the market place. In addition, quarterly earnings will tell analysts, investors, and researchers how a company is performing and how the market may respond to the earnings report. As Investopedia explains

Every quarterly earnings report provides investors with three things: an overview of sales, expenses, and net income for the most recent quarter.

In addition, investors will then be able to compare this data to previous quarters and historical quarters to provide valuable insights and better decision-making on future investing. Here are the upcoming earnings and data releases for this week:

Quarterly Earnings:

  • Monday, July 18th: Bank of America, IBM, Netflix, Schwab, and Yahoo
  • Tuesday, July 19th: Goldman Sachs, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft
  • Wednesday, July 20th: American Express, eBay, Intel, Morgan Stanley
  • Thursday, July 21st: AT&T, Chipotle, GM, Starbucks, Visa
  • Friday, July 22nd: GE

Data Releases:

  • Tuesday, July 19th: Housing Starts, Building Permits
  • Thursday, July 21st: Initial Job Claims, Philly Fed, Existing Home Sales

For more information on these earnings and data, and other market activity, visit the Morningstar market page here.


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