Political News

Will you feel the Johnson in 2016?

By Matt Johnson

A new Gary Johnson 2016 ad was released a few short days ago. Although it was published through unofficial channels, specifically through the Sharif Matar YouTube channel, it appears as though it has caught the attention of many, including the Republicans for Gary Johnson.

In addition, it doesn’t appear to be an official Johnson/Weld 2016 political ad, but either way, it sends a direct and powerful message. Right out of the gate, it identifies the grave partisanship that has taken hold of this country over the past few months.

With the bigoted, vitriolic, and character assassinating language from Donald J. Trump from the right, and the criminal justice policies of the 90’s and warmongering policies from the Clinton’s on the left, this ad crafts a paradigm that is desperately needed by all American citizens at this very moment.

That is, a person who recognizes the past injustices of fellow American brothers and sisters, while at the same time someone who supports those who watch over us at night, but still acknowledges that those who are delegated such authority be held to the highest standard both in honesty and integrity. This is the start.

Will you consider Gary Johnson for 2016?

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