Garrison: Republican Convention Recap Day 1

By Robert J. Garrison

Convention grade day 1: F

The Trump train derailed before it even left the Cleveland station! Before the convention started, Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort attacked GOP Ohio Governor John Kasich for not attending the convention. Great way to unify the party Donald!

It went downhill from there once the convention started. The anti-Trump group once again tried to stop Trump from becoming the nominee by turning in a petition to demand a roll call vote, instead of the normal voice vote. The chair rammed it down their throats and gaveled the issue as done and walked off the stage! Leaving the anti-trump people furious. Moments later the chair returned and redid the voice vote again. Rules passed again as is! Finally the floor mics were opened and the demand for a roll call vote was requested. The chair then notified that they fell short of the required needed to demand a roll call vote. The crowd went nuts. Yet another blow to unity.

The evening’s speakers were very emotional and inspiring. Marcus Luttrell speech was classic when he decided to go off script and speak from his heart. This really got the crowd whipped up. Then the convention moved to the issue of Benghazi. That is when the tears started to flow. Pat Smith, the mother of Sean Smith who was killed during the terrorist attack on the US embassy in Libya pulled on the heart-strings of everyone with her struggle to get the truth of what happened during the Benghazi attacks.

On a sidenote: if you were watching Fox News Channel you didn’t see this speech because Trump called into The O’Reilly show! What candidate steps on his own convention coverage ?!?!?

Then the air was sucked out of the convention by a long drawn out play by play of the Benghazi attack by Mark Geist, member of the Benghazi Annex Security Team and Co-Author of 13 Hours, John Tiegen, also member of the Benghazi Annex Security Team and Military Consultant. The crowd didn’t seem into the lengthy play by play of the two. It also didn’t help that they two sprinkled inside jokes throughout the play by play. The crowd finally woke up towards the end of the play by play and started to react to the speakers.

I was getting pretty antsy since I was waiting to hear Rudy Giuliani and boy he didn’t disappoint. Rudy electrified the crowd with a message of how to make America safe again – political correctness be damned. He went on to list Hillary’s failures when it comes to fighting against radical Islamic terrorists. Despite the energy, Rudy’s speech didn’t compare to Melania Trump’s speech.

She knocked everyone socks off. She rocked the crowd with her personal story of immigrating to America. She went on to defend her husband as a good man that cares about the country and its people. It was by far the best speech of the night and she received rave reviews from everyone….so why the grade F for the night then?

Well hours later reports started to surface that parts of Melania Trump’s speech were “cribbed” from Michelle Obama’s speech. Chaos has since ensued and it seems to be pointing to Paul Manafort’s failure and it seems that he is throwing Mrs. Trump under the bus for the plagiarism.

Heads are going to roll. Hard to preach party unity when the nominee’s own campaign staff members aren’t unified.

The Trump train has gone off the rails and the train-wreck is what the campaign has woken up to this morning. This is definitely not how you want your convention to open. Trump who is a master craftsman when it comes to producing huge events, just couldn’t work his magic on day one. Luckily for Trump, there are three more days to try and change the optics of the convention. The scary thing is, it could get worse before it gets better.


Robert J. Garrison is a political and religious contributor for The Systems Scientist

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