Garrison: Republican Convention Recap Day 2

By Robert J. Garrison

Convention grade day 2 : C

The day started off with Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort sending out multiple statements about the plagiarizing incident. Then he sent out a memo to Trump surrogates with marching orders to go out and blame the Hillary campaign for the plagiarizing fiasco. Really? Really?

A sidenote, Trump was silent about this issue the whole day, which never happens and should not be overlooked.

Instead of addressing the issue head on; and taking ownership of it; and saying that it is being investigated to see who “cribbed” the lines and how it got overlooked, the Trump campaign decided to deny there was any cribbing at all; thus, pouring fuel to the fire. So all morning long, Trump surrogates defended the speech instead of talking about the theme of the day, which was Make America Work Again. Which brings me to my next point…what does that even mean?

I ask this because if you listen to all the speakers last night, we never did get to what that meant! Which brings me to my main critique of the convention. But first, let me explain what these conventions are for.

These conventions are to unify the party behind the candidate, outline policies and ideas, provide details of the candidate’s bio, and to reach out to those that are still on the fence. So far this convention has been very heavy on Hillary bashing, yet very light on policies and candidate’s bio.

The night’s event started with the Roll Call of the states, which is the counting of all the delegates in the primaries and caucuses in 2016. When it was all said and done, Donald Trump officially became the GOP Presidential nominee and Mike Pence the GOP VP nominee.

By the way, Trump addressed the convention via satellite thanking them for their nomination and encouraging everyone to go all the way. This is now the second day that Trump has spoken at the convention which is unheard of. Usually the candidate doesn’t address the convention until the last night of the convention.

Last night, we started to hear the call for the party to unite behind the nominee by House Speaker Paul Ryan. Speaker Ryan was short but to the point about party unification. The political establishment now has the confidence that a Trump ticket won’t hurt them in the senate or house races like they originally thought. So they are finally getting on board the Trump train and asking the grassroots to get on board as well.

Then Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell spoke. Nothing to say here other than to quote Michelle Malkin who tweeted

The next speaker was Governor. Chris Christie. Hillary Clinton has used her extensive resume to show her experience to be the next president; however, Governor Christie ripped that resume to shreds point by point showing how her failures disqualifies her from being president. Governor Christie, who was a former prosecutor, laid out his case against Hillary point by point and the crowd ate it up. The next two speakers were Trumps kids Tiffany Trump and Don Trump Jr.

Tiffany’s speech gave us a little insight of who Donald Trump is a person. She gave an example of how her dad called her when she lost someone really close to her. She told the convention how her dad was a genuinely nice guy who encourages people so that they can find their strengths to achieve what they dream of doing. This is what we need to hear more of.

Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr’s speech was the highlight of the night. He totally knocked it out of the park. He gave us even more insight on who Trump is. He explained how he used to take them to the work sites. He also explained that his dad wasn’t a person that would hide in the office and that he would spent time with real working people. He then started to lay out strong contrasts between conservatives and liberals. FINALLY! He touched on Dodd-Frank laws, limited government. gun laws, immigration, healthcare, and schools. This is what conventions were made for. Then came the next speaker, Dr. Ben Carson.

Ben Carson started on script for the first half of his speech then went totally off script in the second half. He went off script to talk about where Hillary’s worldviews came from. For example, he talked about Saul Alinsky who in his book Rules for Radicals acknowledges Lucifer as being the first successful radical.

Carson then went on to tell the crowd

Do we really want to have someone become president, whose role model acknowledges Lucifer?

I’m trying to understand just what Dr. Carson was trying to articulate here.   As a Christian, I acknowledge Lucifer but i don’t think that means I endorse him. He ended the speech by calling on everyone to rally together to take back America from the radicals and elect Trump as President.

While the second night was far better than the first night, it still suffered from a lack of clear messaging, expanding the voter base, greater emphasis on the candidate’s bio, and a clear policies to make America great. The lack of these things are clearly hampering the convention.

Please someone tell Trump to order Paul Manafort to shut the hell up! Paul Manafort has been the biggest distraction to his campaign and their messaging during this convention. This is the one time where Trump should have taken control and managed everything himself. Trump will be lucky to get any bounce in the polls after this convention because of all this chaos and lack of clear focus. Time is running out for Trump to get the ship in order. People want to hear about ideas and plans not just 24/7 attacks on someone they already don’t like.


Robert J. Garrison is a political and religious contributor for The Systems Scientist

Photo Courtesy of the RNC

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