Garrison: Republican Convention Recap Day 3

By Robert J. Garrison

Convention day grade : A-

Well the day started off by the Trump campaign finally putting the plagiarism issue to bed. A statement was released by the speechwriter apologizing for the embarrassment she caused.

Sidenote: It must be pointed out that the speech writer Meredith McIver, who is a Trump Inc. employee for years offered her resignation, which Trump quickly refused.

Now that’s a leader! A true leader does not punish people for making mistakes. They forgive and use it as a teaching moment for that person to grow. Now on to the major speeches of the night.

Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham is a political commentator and talk radio host. The main trust of her speech was about respect and the lack of it now a days. She talked about a lack of respect by countries towards the US, a lack of respect for law and order and a lack of respect for life.

She then called on those that signed the pledge to stand behind whoever won the nomination! She called out the establishment and told them we aren’t your servants, you are ours! Then she went off on the media and called them out. She was on fire and got the crowd rocking. The ending of the speech was a little awkward when she turned to wave and it came out looking like a Nazi salute.

Pastor Darrell Scott

Audio problems plagued the speech at the beginning. First and foremost, the most important part of the speech was probably the most overlooked. Pastor Scott said that “Trump came to him many years ago… to discuss the problems going on in urban areas and African-American communities.

Pastor Scott went on to talk about how  the previous eight years had not brought hope to the communities that they thought it would, but in fact have brought more misery, crime, drugs, and civil unrest. This is probably the first speaker that connected with the African-American audience that watched the convention and the only one that might help Trump gain votes in the African-American community. Then Senator Marco Rubio took the stage so to speak.

Marco Rubio gave a short address via tape. Endorsing Trump and calling for the party to become unified so they could win in November.

Senator Ted Cruz

This speech is probably the most anticipated speech of the night. First and foremost the Trump campaign knew that Cruz would not be endorsing Trump when they spoke two weeks ago. They also knew this when they received the text of his speech on the same day of the speech. So I think credit should be given to Trump for allowing Cruz to speak without putting any preconditions on it, although Trump probably should have offered an olive branch and tried to patch things up after a rough primary fight.

Now Cruz went way over on the time limit, which was unusual and a no-no. He did congratulate Trump on winning the nomination. He touched on the Dallas police shootings and the evil that stalks us and how that should spur us to do all we can to make the future a better place for our kids and loved ones, while we still have time.

He delved into the divisiveness going on in America and the anger American voters have for politicians that keep on breaking promises over and over again. Overall it was a great conservative speech. But then the wheels started to fall off.

The crowd realized that he was not going to endorse Trump when he said “vote your conscience.” That’s when they started to boo, and loudly. Right on que, that’s when Trump came out to sit in the family box. The crowd got louder and booed even more until Cruz was off the stage.

Funny point, Cruz just might have united the party and got those that were sitting on the fence to finally come over to Trump’s side just to spite the Senator.

Eric Trump

Eric Trump, like all the other Trump children gave a strong and passionate speech for their dad. His speech touched on issues such as government corruption, bureaucracies, lawlessness and despair. Eric Trump then listed off voters that he thought might be watching: the person that can’t make the next mortgage payment, the veteran sitting in the hospital, teachers that work in dangerous schools, and hard-working men and women. He encouraged them by telling them that “My dad is running for, you!!!”

This was the most powerful moment of the speech, and I felt he genuinely connected with the people watching.

Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the House

Newt always gives and great speech, and this was no different. Newt started off by pointing out Cruz’s line about voting your conscience for a person that will uphold the constitution, which is an excellent point. Newt went on to talk about national defense, and why Trump is far much stronger on this issue than Hillary could ever be.

He described how safety is interwoven into all aspects of our lives and how it makes up our social structure; and how it affects our upward mobility economically.

Mike Pence, Vice Presidential Candidate 

Mike Pence’s speech will sadly get overlooked because of the Cruz fiasco, but it really was a great speech. It was the kind of speech a vice presidential candidate needs to make. He gave us a little history about himself, his family and told us about his political experience.

He then outlined his successes as governor of the state of Indiana. He balanced the budget, lowered the state’s unemployment, and strengthened social conservative issues such as right to life. He then went on to talk about how government regulations were hampering the needed growth to make America strong again.

He then outlined what Trump’s ideas were to overcome all these things for the people of America, so the county and its people could be prosperous, strong and proud of themselves once again. It had a very Reaganesque feel to it – very nostalgic. Then he laid into Hillary on the Benghazi issue, Iran nuke deal, and her other failures. Pence’s speech was all that one could ask for in a VP speech.

This was the best night of the convention but it didn’t come without controversy. However on a sidenote, reporters asked Trump what he thought of Cruz’s speech. Trump responded with, “I loved it!” Of course Trump did it to creat publicity. Trump is a firm believer that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

In fact reporters on the morning shows, who had been blasting the Trump campaign for the horrible mismanagement of the convention, are now lamenting just how boring the Democratic convention is going to be after this one. That is exactly what Trump wanted to hear! You got drawn in to the show and didn’t even know it until it was too late. Now that’s a showman, ladies and gentleman.

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Robert J. Garrison is a political and religious contributor for The Systems Scientist

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