Garrison: Republican Convention Recap Day 4

By Robert J. Garrison

Convention Day 4 Grade: A+

Convention Theme : Make America One Again

The last day of the convention is here! Its been a heck of a wild ride this week. Thanks for following the recaps of the GOP convention. FYI: I plan on doing a convention recap of the Democratic convention next week as well.

Well the day started off with everyone talking about what Senator Ted Cruz did and how the convention reacted to it. Trump being Trump, tweeted about it and moved on with more important stuff. Trump did his walk through with his team prepping for one of his biggest nights in his storybook life. On with the nights recap, first up was Tony Perkins.

Tony Perkins is a pastor and President of the Family Research Council and former LA state legislator.

He started off his speech with the history of the phrase “Under God,” which was added to the pledge of allegiance by congress at the request of President Eisenhower in 1954. He then segue how that phrase which is a part of America’s hope and future is now being under assault by Government and the courts. He praised Trump for fighting to make sure that the assault is ended and we can once again all unite together under that hope “Under God” without fear.

Jerry Falwell Jr – President of Liberty University

His speech was about how Trump was a great visionary and created thousands of jobs. He called Trump the “Blue Collar Billionaire.” Falwell highlighted Trump’s addition to the party platform to repeal the IRS statue prohibiting churches and nonprofits from expressing political free speech from the pulpit. He then went on to use the same old tired argument that a vote for a 3rd party or a non vote is a defacto vote for Hillary Clinton. This is BS!

First, this scare static to shame citizens into voting for the lesser of two evils is used every four years to whip the masses back into compliance. It’s a tactic to force people not to rebel against the status quo of a failed and corrupt system. And we wonder why nothing ever changes?!?!?

Second, if anything Gary Johnson’s support is drawing more from Democratic supporters than it is from Republican supporters. So the numbers disagree with Mr. Falwell. Anyway I finished wasting my time and talking about this guys speech. Next!

Pastor Mark Burns – Harvest Praise and Worship Center

This guy had the crowd with him from the get go. Calling on unity to beat Hillary and the race baiting democrats. Whoa! This pastor was on fire and got the crowd involved and got the crowd into his speech. I wish this guy had the last two pastors’ time!

He offered a unique perspective on the Black Lives Matter movement. He explained to the crowd that he understands that when you are hopeless and lack opportunity that this can bring about this type of desperation. Great point!

He went on to explain how we can combat this desperation by creating good jobs, urban revitalization and opportunities for job training. Wait? Am I listening to an RNC convention or a DNC one?!?! The GOP is so desperately in need of embracing ideas like this to build bridges to African American, Asian, and Latino communities.

He continued by explaining that the GOP must stop with the old thinking that the inner cities are lost grounds that can never be gained back and just go and help the people in need! I love this speaker and is most likely the only speaker that has connected with those in the inner city.

He then called out the GOP party and made a cry for them to listen to the cries of the disenfranchised, low income and at risk youth communities to solve the problems together. I really hope the GOP party heeds this mans call, the crowd seems to be really into the message. A really great speech and I believe is a start of a game changing night for the GOP.

Peter Thiel – Co-founder of Paypal, Entrepreneur

He talked about how government is far behind when it comes to innovation when compared with the business sector. He then said it was time to stop fighting stupid wars and start rebuilding American. He went on to warn people that they are being distracted by stupid debates over nonsense instead we should be focusing on real problems.

He then went on to drop a bomb by announcing that he is proud to be gay, proud to be a republican and most importantly proud to be an American. The crowd went wild. In fact the crowd gave him a standing ovation. Yet another game changing moment for the GOP.

Ivanka Trump – Trump Inc. and writer

Once again the Trump kids knock it out of the park. Great speech about topics that aren’t normally spoken by conservatives. She talked about her fathers compassion and empathetic attitude towards others. She went on to discuss Trumps business practices of listening to those on the ground rather than listening to executives.

Also she explained his practice of hiring woman and paying them equally. In fact, there are actually more woman executives than their are men at Trump Inc. Yet again we see another topic that you don’t see conservatives talk about- equal pay for equal work and affordable child care.

She went on to talk about Trumps love for country and the people that live in it. He loves both so much that he is willing to go and fight for them to ensure that they have the ability to improve themselves and this country. Great speech that provided even more background on who Trump is a person and how that has made him the man he is today.

Donald J. Trump – Owner Trump Inc, GOP Presidential Candidate

Trumps speech was the longest in the modern history of Presidential nominees. It went on for well over an hour. So I will just touch on the highlights of the speech. The three main points of the speech were

  1. Law and Order – That we need to get back to being a country that follows its laws and helps communities bring order to cities and towns all over the country.
  2. Safety – To provide security, to ALL of its citizens no matter what color, creed or sexual orientation, from threats within the country and from outside its borders.
  3. Trade deals – How they have gutted the American workforce and economy.
  4. Inward focus- That we need to focus on our country first, rather than going around the world and trying to fix other peoples problems.

And here were a few powerful moments from the speech:

First, when Trump talked about those that feel stressed, hopeless and desperate cause they don’t feel as though they don’t have a voice, Trump looked into the camera and said ” I am your voice!” That was a powerful moment that I really felt connected with people that were watching the convention from home.

Second would be when Trump talked about the terrorist attack in Orlando. Trump went on to say

As your president, I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology

This drew huge applause from the crowd. He further went on to say

And I have to say, as a Republican, it is so nice to hear you cheering for what I just said. Thank you.

Another game changing moment for the conservative party.

This convention seem to be more open to supporting ideas that one would hear at a democratic rally. I thought this was refreshing and encouraging. It is also an opportunity for the GOP to reach out to communities that have been seen as strong democratic voter blocks.

The GOP must reach out and make connections and change minds by showing that they aren’t bigots or racists as the left is so often quick to label them, which demonizes the party. They are just the opposite of those labels and really do care for others.

I believe that we witnessed a turning point from the GOP. I hope that it will continue to be embraced and that outreach to others is done more often to build bridges of dialog. Dialog is so key if you want to bring about change from within and from outside.

Overall I give the Convention an A-/B+. The convention started off slow and rocky but built and became stronger every night. The Democratic convention already looks boring and it hasn’t even started yet. Its been fun recapping the nights events for everyone. I appreciate your reading and comments through the week.

God Bless and See ya next week.

Robert J. Garrison is a political and religious contributor for The Systems Scientist


Photo credit: Grant Miller

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