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Do you associate positive words with Clinton or Trump?

By Political Editor

When you refer to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, how positive are your associations? Do you positively associate Clinton with being well-informed? Do you believe she’s willing to reach across the aisle and work with those with contrasting policy positions? Perhaps she is someone you admire and someone you think is honest?

Similarly, would you positively associate Trump with being well-informed? Would you associate Trump with being a uniter? Or perhaps you believe he’s out of touch?

As this recent Pew Research Center poll illustrates, 36 percent of respondents associate Clinton with being well-informed; whereas, only 13 percent of respondents associate Trump with being well-informed. Although nearly three times as many people think Clinton is more well-informed than Trump, Clinton’s percentages still aren’t very good. Only a little more than a third evaluate her as being well-informed.

And although more people associate honesty with Trump than they do with Clinton, 19 to 13 percent, 55 percent of respondents associate Trump as being too extreme; whereas, a little less than 20 percent associate Clinton as being too extreme.

Where do your associations reside in these nine categories? What are your evaluations of Clinton and Trump?



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