Garrison: Dear Bernie Sanders

Dear Senator Sanders,

You don’t know who I am but my name is Robert J. Garrison. First, I must say that I’m not a Hillary supporter or a Trump supporter. I am not speaking to you as a conservative or a Liberal, from the right or the left, but as a voter.

In light of the Wiki leaked emails from the Democratic National Convention (DNC), I’m begging you that you rescind your endorsement of Hillary Clinton. I understand your concern about the possibility of Trump becoming president and I respect that; however, these emails show an undermining of the political process. This issue goes beyond party politics.

What the DNC did is a huge danger to one of the most treasured freedoms that we have here in America. This freedom is the soul of this country and what the DNC did puts this country in jeopardy. The emails showed that the DNC did indeed try their best to sway the outcome of the democratic primaries. The establishment and political elites did their best to stop anyone from hurting Hillary’s rise to the nomination. In doing this, they stifled the voice of the voters.

The DNC came off as knowing what’s best for the party rather than allowing the voters to decide. They took offense that the voters didn’t “fall in line” and support the coronation of Hillary as their nominee.

I call upon you Senator Sanders to rise up and defend the voters and the soul of this country. I call you to encourage supporters to fight this travesty at the convention and overturn this tyranny!

This system is in danger. I am not a supporter of yours. In fact, I’m positive we disagree on more policies than we agree. However, if you decide to stand up against this crime by the DNC against the free and open process, I will stand with you and your supporters. This issue transcends party politics. The free and openness of the election process must be defended at all cost!

Senator, I believe of all people running for president, you are the one who will defend the voice of the voter. If you don’t stand up and fight for the voice of the people, I’m afraid that no one ever will. It will send a signal to the power brokers and elites that it’s okay to rig a system and silence the voice of the voter.

Your campaign gave a voice to millions that felt they didn’t have a voice in politics. Please Senator, you can’t abandon them or the rest of the voters at this critical hour. Please stand with us against this tyranny by the DNC. If you won’t stand up for us, then who will? We can’t allow them to do this to us, the voters.

I pray that you have the courage to do this Senator. I implore you. You are not alone. I know the choices are hard and the outcomes might lead to someone else getting the presidency but stand on your principles, please! You gained support for fighting against corruption in politics and standing on principles. It is now your time to do just that tonight at the Democratic National Convention. Please don’t sell us out. Please Senator, you’re our only hope.


Robert J. Garrison is a political and religious writer for The Systems Scientist. You can connect with him directly in the comments section, follow him on Twitter or on Facebook, or catch up on his articles in the Archives


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Photo by Gage Skidmore


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