The DNC’s wasteful food habit

By Robert J. Garrison

In the article Delegate slams DNC for not donating leftover food to poor the delegate wanted the DNC to donate the food that was left over at a welcoming event for the delegates. The caterer for the DNC stated wrongly that they couldn’t. This is a common misconception among many businesses. The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act of 1996 was passed to minimize the liability when donating food to non-profits.

At my mission, we gladly take donated food left over from events. In fact we had a foreign embassy that had an event where they had plenty of left over food and asked us if we could take it, which we did. Also we worked in partnership with stores to receive their “outdated” food, which is still good and very rarely makes people sick.

So they could have donated the left over food to one of the many homeless shelters in the Philadelphia area. If we can properly educate the public and businesses about the food laws, just maybe there will be more for those that don’t have anything.

In fact, you can do what Chris Thomas, founder and president of Yahweh Outreach Ministries does. He has a network of volunteers that go drive around to all the Panera Bread stores and gathers the bread they discard, and donates leftovers to many of the nonprofits that can use the bread. A few hours of your time can be used to educate and gather resources that can help those that have a need. A few hours a week can make an impact on others lives. It’s a way to see the unseen and to show love towards others.


Robert J. Garrison is a political and religious contributor for The Systems Scientist


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