Uncle Joe steals the show at the DNC

By Robert J. Garrison

Convention Grade: B-/C+

Theme: Working Together

Well the day started off with a bang. Donald Trump stole the spotlight by holding a press conference and answering questions for an hour. Trump as always said something that was just off the beaten path. He encouraged a foreign government to launch a cyber attack on his political opponent, Hillary Clinton!

It was such an outrageous statement that Trump’s VP, Mike Pence released a statement right after the press conference to clean up the unprecedented remark.

The hacking of the DNC came to light yet again. Wikileak’s released 29 voice mails that were obtained by hackers. As an American I find this highly disturbing. Just how much information did the hackers obtain? This issue has defiantly shed light on how warfare is evolving in the 21st century. Warfare is now more than just missiles, bombs, tanks, ships and battle plans; it is now about computers and hacking.

Now while this is a huge issue, we will most likely only hear from one candidate on hacking and cyber warfare – Donald Trump. Hillary will most likely not talk about it because of her own email scandal, so most likely we will hear from Hillary’s supporters about the issue. This was not the only disturbing thing that happened during 3rd the day of the Democratic convention.

Now before I get into the first thing that I found disturbing, I must make this disclosure:

I am a moderate kind of guy that leans more times to the right than the left. Noticed I said more right than left which means I don’t believe that one party holds the mantle of truth or has all the best ideas. Now with that said, for me life begins at conception, for example. I am NOT calling for an outlawing of abortion. I just believe that life is precious and should be cared for after the moment the sperm enters the egg. Now on to the DNC.

Ilyse Hogue

The first troubling thing that happen was the remarks by Ilyse Hogue, the president of NARAL Pro-Choice America. (watch the full video here) This was the first time ever at any political convention where someone talked about their abortion. She went on to tell the crowd how she got pregnant, even though she didn’t want to have a child because it wasn’t the right time for her so she terminated the pregnancy.

The fact that the crowd cheered at the mention of her getting the procedure not because of a health issue but because someone just didn’t feel they wanted a child right now, just rubbed me the wrong way. It just came off as so self-centered that someone, who would eventually want children would end a pregnancy not because of a health issue but because they didn’t feel it was the right time to have a child. That was the first disturbing thing that happened last night on to the second one.

Leon Panetta

The second incident that happen at the 3rd day of the DNC was the booing of Former Secretary of Defense and stronger supporter Leon Panetta. Due to the recent terror attacks in Europe the last couple of days, the Secretary felt the need to talk about terrorism in his speech. Well the crowd didn’t want to hear about it. The crowd started to boo him when he suggested we fight terrorism (watch video here).

I understand being anti-war and I respect that position; however, these are evil people who won’t think twice about killing you or your family at the drop of a hat. We must take the fight to them and stopped them at all costs to prevent them from spreading their hate and killing innocent people.

Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg was the New York city mayor from 2002-2013. Mayor Bloomberg was the counter New York city mayor to Rudy Giuliani who spoke at the RNC. I’ve heard of dueling banjos but not dueling former mayors. It is interesting that they would have a mayor that flirted with the idea of a third-party run. Yet Hillary’s drive to do anything to attack her opponent led her to have Mayor Bloomberg speak at the convention.

Mayor Bloomberg’s attack on Trump was scathing. He called on democrats to put aside their differences and be unified to defeat a “dangerous demagogue”. He went on to talk about Hillary’s ability to work with both parties to get things done. He then went on to tell the crowd that he was a New Yorker and he can spot a con when he sees one, alluding to Trump being a con man.

He pointed out how Trumps actions didn’t match up with his rhetoric on the campaign trail. He ended his speech by calling on those to unify not under party loyalty but under love for America by voting for a sane and competent candidate.

Joe Biden 

Vice President Joe Biden came out to the Rocky theme…so that was cool. The thing with Vice President Biden is that you never know if he is going to give a good speech or shot himself in the foot by saying something off the wall. With that said, I felt that Biden’s speech was the best speech of the night. It was positive, uplifting and patriotic. This was so needed at this convention or any other convention for that matter.

He pulled on the heart-strings of the crowd by speaking of his late son Beau. It was the death of his son that greatly impacted VP Biden so much that he sat out of the 2016 primaries even though people were urging him to get into the fight.

He then went on to give an inspiring tone by telling the stories of people who embodied the unbreakable spirit that is inside all Americans. It was a touching and heartfelt moment that allow him to connect with people in the crowd and those watching. He even got them to chat “Not a clue!” due to his comments about the middle class and Donald not having a clue about the middle class.

He then pivoted to a more serious demeanor by pointing out Trump’s inexperience to be president and how that inexperience will make America less safe not more safe. He ended his speech by rallying the crowd by listing all the great things about America and talking about the strengths of its citizens. He was truly in rare form. He wasn’t just speaking to the crowd at the convention, he was speaking to the independents that were watching, which you saw little of at the RNC.

Tim Kaine

Vice President Biden really raised the bar high for the night’s speeches. Poor Senator Kaine didn’t have a chance. It’s always hard to follow a great speech but it seemed even harder for Kaine whose speech came off as drab, boring and sometimes just outright pandering to Latinos.

I know Hillary picked the Senator from Virginia because of his ability to speak Spanish and his missionary work in Honduras as a way for the campaign to connect with the Latino demographic. Hillary is focusing on Florida with Kaine as the VP nominee, because she sure didn’t do it for his speaking ability. It almost turned out to be a Spanish lesson from Rosetta Stone. Kaine’s speech was the total opposite of what Biden’s speech was.

President Barak Obama

The convention was running very behind and late. and to top it off, they showed a very long video about the Obama presidency. I mean it went on for almost 10 minutes! President Obama’s speech seem more about cementing his legacy than it was about Hillary. That’s not to say that he didn’t say good things about her. He did. He touched on her vast experience, her passion and her coolness under pressure and how that helped him be a better president.

However, Obama did mention himself over 100 times in his 45 minute speech that was supposed to be about nominating Hillary Clinton. The moment of the speech was when people in the crowd began to boo for some reason or another, in which Obama encouraged the crowd, “Don’t boo, vote!” That I thought was a great comeback.

Other than that it was a rather boring speech and since it was already late, it seemed to drag on and on. It wasn’t one of his better speeches for sure.

Who would’ve thought that Biden would have had the best speech of the night and of the convention, in my opinion. His speech I think had people wishing that he would’ve gotten in the race, which in the opinion of this writer would have been a good thing. Not only that but I believe that he would be killing Trump in the polls and giving the Democratic party a better chance of winning in November. Of course that’s if he didn’t pull a Biden by saying something totally off the wall and become a laughing-stock.


Robert J. Garrison is a political and religious contributor for The Systems Scientist


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