Hillary’s speech, a sign of trouble?

By Robert J. Garrison

Day four grade: C-

Overall DNC convention grade: B

The last day of the DNC was filled with bad headlines, boos and a year old nagging cough for the Democratic nominee.

First, many in the media were doing their best to lower the bar for Hillary’s speech. They all said that she couldn’t possibly do as good of a job as Michelle and Barak Obama or even Joe Biden.

Second, the news broke that hackers not only grabbed emails but also voice mails from the DNC office. And just as it seemed it couldn’t get any worse, news broke that Hillary’s campaign was hacked as well! This whole DNC convention as been filled with bad optics and distractions.

Leaders in the DNC have tried their best to build unity in the party but the Bernie supporters aren’t having any of it. They did their best to make their feelings not only heard but also seen! Add this tweet pic:

The Bernie supporters protested both inside and outside of the area. They also booed anyone they disagreed with, including President Obama and especially Hillary!

Not only were the Bernie people heard but so was Hillary or should I say her cough. Someone give that woman a Ricola! This has been a problem for Hillary going back to the beginning of the primaries last year. While the coughing or clearing of her throat every couple of minutes was not the only problem Hillary’s address had, it was also rather bland and low energy.

In fact the only high energy during the speech came from the Bernie supporters on the floor. However the loud energy by the Bernie supporters apparently couldn’t keep Hilary’s husband Former President Bill Clinton from falling asleep during her speech.

Khizr M. Khan

This speech overshadowed every speech last night. Mr. And Mrs. Khan are parents of Capt. Humayun Khan. They were there to address Trump’s Muslim ban policy. They stated that if the ban was in effect, it would have prevented them from coming into the US and denying their son, a brave and loyal military man, from serving. To be fair Trump has not called for a permanent ban, only a temporary one until the United States government can get a better process of screening those coming in, which on its face sounds reasonable but we shall see how that plays out.

Anyway back to the speech…The climax of the speech is when he pulled out of his pocket a copy of the constitution. He stated the ban was unconstitutional and Trump could borrow his copy of the constitution if he needed it. The crowd erupted in applause. It was an emotional moment that connected with the crowd and with those at home.

The last couple of days of patriotic rhetoric and how America is and always will be a great superpower of the world, is just the Democratic party trying to contrast the campaign message of “Make America Great Again” of their opponent, Donald Trump.

Should a few days of patriotic rhetoric of “America is great!” and a few nice words about the founding fathers at the DNC give us amnesia? For decades the Democratic party has criticized all the ills of America and how the Democratic party will change America. Also they labeled the founding fathers as white racist slave owners that should not be looked up to. Some in the media ate up the patriotic rhetoric but will the rest of America, especially Independents? I am not so sure.

Also the ratings are in and its a mixture of good news, bad news.

The Good News

The DNC beat the RNC in overall ratings. I’m sure that the musical entertainment had something to do with this. The DNC’s musical talent of Paul Simon, Alica Keyes, Lady Gaga, Lenny Kravitz and many others was by far better than the RNC’s, who decided to just have G.E. Smith and the SLN band.

Also the DNC videos were very well produced and polished. They also used a lot more videos at the DNC than the RNC.

The Bad News

When the two candidates went head to head, Trump beat Hillary by more than a million viewers. Also the day after, political buzz seemed to be higher for Trump than Hillary. Hillary’s campaign was hacked.

Hillary’s numbers continue to drop! This is something that should never happen during a candidates convention! I am sure that Hillary will get some kind of convention bounce but just how much will it be, and for how long can she hold on to it, remains to be seen.

Rest assured it will be a tough, long and nasty 3 months. Will America be able to tolerate these two candidates that they really don’t like for much longer? Or will we see third-party candidates, Libertarian Party Gary Johnson and Green Party Jill Stein finally start to gain traction? I hope so. In a Representative Republic (The United States is NOT a democracy) it is ALWAYS better to have more voices and opinions in elections.


Robert J. Garrison is a political and religious contributor for The Systems Scientist


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