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The Koch brothers scourge of Trump

By Robert J. Garrison

The bad news just seems to be rolling in for the Trump campaign. The Trump campaign is being rebuffed by the Koch brothers. They are not allowing the campaign access to important data, important grassroots meetings and also they are not inviting Trump to an important summer gathering of mega-donors and operatives. Just when you didn’t think things could get worse for the Trump campaign, it does!

The Koch brothers are very powerful and influential conservative donors. They basically bank roll presidential campaigns. They now have come out refusing to run ads against Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton!

There also appears to be a misunderstanding between the Koch brothers and Republican nominee Donald Trump.

According to a Newsmax.com article, Mark Holden, senior vice president and legal counsel for Koch Industries, told reporters, “I know a meeting didn’t happen. You’ll have to talk to him about what his facts are. ”

Trump’s vice presidential candidate Mike Pence was planning to attend the event of donors before he was picked by Donald Trump. Mike Pence cancelled citing campaign obligations. Why the Trump campaign isn’t using Mike Pence, who is well liked by the Koch brothers to build a bridge between the Koch brothers and the Trump campaign is unclear. Many had hoped that Mike Pence by becoming the vice presidential candidate would get the Koch brothers to warm up to the Trump campaign but that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.

The real damage of this could be that the Trump campaign might not be able to build a strong campaign operation which many pundits believe he will need to go up against the “Clinton machine”.

In fact Trump’s campaign has some similarities to the Dole campaign in 1996. Dole ran against a Clinton. Dole picked Jack Kemp as his VP, which led many to wish that Kemp was head of the ticket rather than Dole. Of course many Republican circles might be wishing that Mike Pence was heading the ticket rather than Trump after this week is over.


Robert J. Garrison is a political and religious contributor for The Systems Scientist

Caricature by DonkeyHotey


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