Are rats leaving a sinking ship, or in this case a crashing Trump train?

By Robert J. Garrison

If there ever was a time for a third-party candidate to do well this would be the year. Both the Republican and Democratic nominees have had their issues during the primaries that have left both nominees scarred. According to Real Clear Politics, which averages out all the polls conducted, Donald Trump’s unfavorable ratings have been around 60 percent; whereas, Hillary Clinton’s unfavorable numbers are around the 50 percent.

Trump’s numbers don’t appear like they will be improving anytime after being embroiled in a number of controversies the last couple of weeks.

First, Trump got into a debate with the Khan family, who are a Gold Star family. For those that don’t know, Gold Star Families are a special group of surviving spouses, parents and immediate family members of Armed Forces members killed in combat operations. This multiple day debate between the Trump campaign and the Khan family left a bad taste in the mouth of a lot of voters, which crosses party lines. The feud with the Khan family has also led to condemnation from many other Gold Star families and Republican leaders as well.

The second controversy came earlier this week where Trump, speaking at a rally in Wellington, North Carolina, brought up Hillary Clinton’s potential impact of picking Supreme Court judge. Trump stated,

“If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks,” Mr. Trump said, as the crowd began to boo. He quickly added: “Although the Second Amendment people — maybe there is, I don’t know.”

Now some people interrupted that as a thinly veiled call to assassinate the Democratic nominee, while others viewed it as a call for an all out rebellion; whereas, others viewed it as a call to rally and get out to vote. After the media firestorm on his comments, many people have come out to defend his comments, even those that are not supporting him like Republican Senator Susan Collins, who wrote a op-ed stating that she would not support Donald Trump.

Whatever Donald Trump meant by those comments, it hit the ear wrong of some voters. At a critical time where Trump has to build a broader coalition of voters to defeat his opponent, missteps like this could cost him voters as well as supporters in his party.

Lastly, Donald Trump’s comments calling President Obama and Hillary Clinton co-founders of the Islamic terrorist group, ISIS, was the latest mishap by the nominee.

Trump had many attempts to walk back the comment but held firm on his comments calling President Obama and Hillary Clinton as co-founders of ISIS. On Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, Hugh tries his best to help Donald Trump explain his comments but it didn’t go over well as Donald Trump brushes away Hugh’s attempts to clarify his remarks.

After a day of criticism from all sides of the political spectrum on his comments, Trump tweeted that he was really just being sarcastic.

These mistakes by the GOP nominee Donald Trump has led to many abandoning their support for him. In fact earlier this week, 50 former National security officials penned a letter condemning Donald Trump that his lack of experience would put the country in danger. They have chosen to throw their support behind Hillary Clinton. They are not alone. Many Republicans have come out in support of Hillary Clinton instead of their party’s nominee.

To me this makes absolutely no sense if you are a Republican. Why you would support a candidate that is totally against your ideals and values? I say this not to bash Hillary Clinton but because there is another candidate that they have more in common than with her, Libertarian Party candidate, Gary Johnson. As a Republican, Gary Johnson would be a much easier pill to swallow for republican voters than Hillary Clinton.

The #NeverTrump movement has never been able to coalesce around one candidate until now and it’s a person from the opposing party! Why sell your political soul to support someone who is against almost everything you stand for? There can only be a few reasons why:

1. The Establishment and GOP party elites wants to still be in control

They feel as though Donald Trump being an outsider would undermine their power and grip on the party. They are scared that a movement that started back in 2010, called the Tea Party, will finally gain the upper hand and take over the reigns.

2. The Establishment and GOP party elites believe they know whats best for the party

They believe that the voters aren’t really intelligent enough to understand how Washington works, so they are doing their best to undermine their voices.

3. The Establishment and GOP party elites are scared of losing

They have seen Donald Trump’s misspeak a lot since last year. They have seen Donald Trump hit one iceberg after another and now they are rats leaving a sinking ship. They are bailing because they fear that Donald Trump will cost them the Senate and possibly the House. They would rather keep the Senate and House and lose the Presidency rather than gain the Presidency and lose either or both Houses of Congress.

4. The Establishment of both parties fear a third-party because they have the potential to break the strangle hold they have on the voters

Once a third-party becomes a viable option they lose control over how to manipulate the electorate. This is something that neither party can allow to happen. A third-party option endangers their ability to constantly take issues and kick the can down the road and using it in the next elections. A third-party will free the electorate from picking the lesser of two evils and actually be able to vote for a candidate they believe in rather than one they are stuck with. I agree with what Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson said in the CNN town hall,

A wasted vote is voting for somebody that you don’t believe in, and if we’re going to continue to vote for the lesser of two evils, that’s still evil.

What we see here in the 2016 Presidential election and many before it, is the definition of insanity. One of the greatest minds of the 20th Century, Albert Einstein, said it best when describing insanity,

  Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Are you tired of being manipulated? Are you tired of voting for the lesser of two evils? Are you tired of being insane? Stop being a tool and do something about it. Don’t let the establishment or the media tell you that you have only two choices.

You may not like everything about Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson or Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein, I know I don’t, but I am sick and tired of the two-party duopoly of the political system. Its time to stand up and have your voice be heard once again. Put the Establishment and party elites on notice and demand something better. Demand change! Vote for a third-party.


Robert J. Garrison is a political and religious writer for The Systems Scientist. You can connect with him directly in the comments section, follow him on Twitter or on Facebook, or catch up on his articles in the Archives

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