Hillary Clinton’s Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction

By Robert J. Garrison

In recent polls, Hillary has been having issues with voters viewing her as trustworthy. The latest NBC News|SurveyMonkey poll shows that Hillary is at 11% in the Trustworthy category, which is less than her opponent Donald Trump who is at 16%.

To make matters worse, New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan (D), who is running for the Senate against Kelly Ayotte (R), dodged the question on whether she thought Hillary was honest, not once or twice, but three times!

CNN said Hassan’s campaign later reached out to clarify that the governor does see Clinton as honest. So why is Hillary Clinton having trouble convincing voters she is trustworthy?

In a recent post here on The System Scientist Jillian Jordan and David Rand, found that

…if you take an action that people like, you come off as much more trustworthy if you decide to act without doing a careful cost-benefit analysis first: Individuals who calculate seem liable to sell out when the price is right.

Their research seems to suggest that people don’t connect or buy into a candidate that appears to cold and calculating. This cold and calculating behavior doesn’t seem to connect with voters. People tend to connect more with a candidate who makes mistakes and gets facts wrong (Trump is notorious for this), which makes the candidate appear more genuine and authentic.

Donald Trump’s ability to connect emotionally with his audience is something that he has been doing for decades on his reality television show, The Apprentice. People like the way that Trump says whatever he wants without worrying about running it by a focus group first. He shoots from the hip and people like that. Also, when Trump says something that isn’t politically correct, he always falls back on the “I’m an outsider not a typical politician” line or he attacks the media for twisting his words. And for the most part, people give him a pass. This is something that Hillary Clinton can’t fall back on when she gets caught up in her own words.

Another reason why Hillary Clinton’s trust numbers are so low is because of the scandals that popped up during the primaries and now during the presidential election.


The first was the Benghazi attack on the US embassy. Her handling of the aftermath of the attack was botched from the beginning. First, the State Department, which Hillary Clinton was responsible for, blamed it on some video on YouTube, which led to a protest that got out of hand and turned into an attack. Then it was propagated by others in the Obama administration on the Sunday morning talk shows.

What is so strange about this whole thing is that Hillary Clinton knew it was a terrorists attack! She even said so in an email to a top Egyptian diplomat, where she stated:

We know that the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film. It was a planned attack — not a protest.

Even though there is a video of her blaming the attack on an internet video, she denies telling the families of the fallen that it was because of the video. So was it a protest over a video, which she said publicly, or was it a terrorist attack, which she told everyone in private? If Hillary Clinton believed it was a terrorist attack, then why did she tow the White House line and blame it on the video at the memorial ?!?!?

It is this kind “selling out” that people despise about politicians and the point that  Jillian Jordan and David Rand made in their piece. The trust factor didn’t get better for Hillary Clinton when the story broke about her setting up her own private server.

The private server and email story broke before the primaries got underway back in January and it has dogged her ever since. The year-long FBI investigation into the former Secretary’s usage of private servers didn’t find enough evidence to bring charges against Hillary Clinton. However, it did uncover many issues.

The FBI did find that Mrs. Clinton and her staff were careless in their handling of classified information. This rebutted Hillary Clinton’s statements in a Meet the Press interview

Let me just repeat what I have repeated for many months now. I never received nor sent any material that was marked classified, and there is a process for the review of material before it is released to the public, and there were decisions made that material should be classified. I do call that retroactively classifying.

Politico reported Comey’s testimony before the House committee. He restated Hillary Clinton did send and receive classified emails and that they were clearly marked as classified.

Asked whether Clinton did not email “any classified material to anyone on my email” and “there [was] no classified material,” Comey responded, “No, there was classified material emailed.”

He also stated

That is not true. There were a small number of portion markings on, I think, three of the documents.

Once again Hillary gets caught playing word games and it backfires. Yet there are even more revelations about Hillary Clinton’s emails while at the State Department. The right-wing group Judicial Watch released emails that they say shows a possible violation of State department regulations. Judaical Watch says the emails show that donors to the Clinton foundation had access to the Secretary to which they could get political favors from her. While this accusation is viewed as a “trumped-up” charge, the damage is nonetheless damaging to her trustworthiness.

Then there’s the Wikileaks release of the emails from the DNC office. These emails showed that the DNC did in fact have their thumb on the scale in favor of Hillary and were working against her primary opponent Senator Bernie Sanders. This revelation caused an uproar at the DNC convention. It didn’t stop there. After the convention, Wikileaks released more emails showing Hillary had knowledge of shipments of arms from Libya to Syrian rebels, even though she told congress the opposite. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has promised to release even more emails which could prove to be damaging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and even more importantly to her trustworthiness.

Now the issue that keeps being raised is Hillary’s health.

Hillary Clinton has been in the news lately and it has nothing to do with her emails, her testimony before congress, or even her policies. It has been about her health. Not since John F. Kennedy has there been so much talk about the health of a candidate. There have been many stories that touched on Hillary’s health. Many of these stories are just speculation by a Trump surrogate and a celebrity doctor. So instead of talking about those stories, I want to focus on actual visual evidence of Hillary showing signs of possible health concerns.

Loss of Balance

This loss of balance could be just that, a loss of balance and not a medical issue. Yet this does bring up fears and concerns that she might still be suffering from something that caused her falls back in 2008, which lead to a fractured elbow arm in 2012 where she suffered from a concision which led to her having to wear special eye glasses. All this could be side effects of the prescriptions she’s taking. However, at this point Hillary’s trust is so eroded that many people wouldn’t buy any excuse that her campaign releases unless it was an admission of health problems. Then there is that nagging cough.

Coughing Spells

These coughing spells have been plaguing Hillary Clinton since 2008. It’s something that has been plaguing Mrs. Clinton all throughout the campaign. There has been many incidences where she had to keep clearing her throat or coughed. On an appearance on the radio morning show “The Breakfast Club” she had a coughing fit through the interview.

She also had trouble during her acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. She coughed so much that it almost became a distraction.

The campaign has routinely blamed the cough on seasonal allergies. It must be all seasons because Hillary can be seen coughing during every season and in every environment, inside and outside.

All of these factors have led to an erosion of Hillary Clinton’s trust by the voters. She is trusted less than her opponent, Donald Trump who constantly gets his facts wrong, gets caught lying and misspeaks. With more revelations by Wikileaks to come, it doesn’t appear that Hillary Clinton’s trustworthiness will rise anytime soon. Despite her problems with trust, her poll numbers are constantly in the mid to high 40s, so at this juncture it doesn’t appear to be a huge problem for the Clinton campaign.

Remember it’s not about polling numbers it’s about electoral college numbers, which I will address in my next article. Until then, I’ll sign off with the words of a great political mind that passed away earlier this week, John McLaughlin:

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Photo by Gage Skidmore


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