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Space Fan News: The Asteroid Bennu and Life on Earth

By Matt Johnson

In this week’s episode of Space Fan News, physicist and space nerd, Tony Darnell, provides some insights from the most recent space news: The Asteroid Bennu and life on Earth may be the first in the universe.

First, Tony will delve into the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft, which will rendezvous with the asteroid Bennu, which was discovered in 1999, take samples, and return those samples to Earth for analysis. The spacecraft will be utilizing some very cool technology to create 3D geographical maps among a lot of other really fascinating research. Here’s a cute example of how the satellite will meet up with Bennu.

Second, Tony will ask the question, is life on Earth premature to this universe? He’ll delve into why some scientists believe our species along with the other species on this planet may be early arrivals to the universe. The reasoning may surprise and excite you at the same time. It’s definitely an interesting thought experiment for the Space Fan.

As usual, scientists will be testing this hypothesis to see if there is any evidence and data to support this line of thinking. Tony will get into the stardust of this topic, and send the message home in crystal clear, Hubble optics like he always does.

Enjoy the episode, and as Tony always says, “Keep looking up!”

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