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Donald Trump: Going where no GOP candidate has gone before

By Robert J. Garrison

The GOP candidate for president has received criticism by the media for doing things outside the box. Some of that criticism is fair. However much of it is just bloviating by political pundits and elites that despise Trump.

The first example of Trump doing things outside the box was when he announced that he would be going down to Louisiana to survey the flood damage. The outrage was immediate! They accused Trump of going down there for a photo-op before they even reached out to the campaign to ask why he decided to go down to Louisiana. The Louisiana Governor John Edwards even got into the act by coming out publicly stating that Trump was NOT welcome. He went on to accuse Trump of using the visit as a photo-op and would just get in the way. Yet Trump went into hostile territory and tried to help.

Did Trump get in the way? No he didn’t. In fact he pitched in and helped unload a truck of supplies for the flood victims and even donated money to help those affected by the floods. However the two most important things his visit did was: it brought national attention to the flooding that the media lost interest in, and it gave those affected by the flood a chance to talk to someone about what they were going through and the frustration that they were feeling.

When people go through a traumatic event such as losing everything in a flood, it is very therapeutic just to have someone who is there to listen. Sure they want and need financial help and supplies to get through the event but it’s also important to be able to unload their grief and pain to someone who will listen, which is what Trump did during his visit.

These two things impacted the people so much that after the event Governor Edwards went on CNN and actually thanked Trump for visiting and bringing the media’s attention back to the suffering of those affected by the flooding. These are just a couple of important things about Trump’s visit but there are others to consider as well.

This is a man who is running for President of the United States. During this run, his campaign seems to be in an upheaval; he is constantly being attacked by the media, pundits, and, political elites for the horrible way he is conducting his campaign.

He was getting his clocked cleaned by Hillary Clinton in the polls. During that time, Clinton was up by as much as 8-10 points up in the national polls. And despite all this, Trump still took valuable time away from the campaign trail to go down and visit those affected by the flooding. He could have just done what Clinton did and released a statement instead of visiting the flood victims.

Now did the media go after Hillary for not visiting Louisiana in their time of need? No they didn’t! What about President Obama? He didn’t go down to Louisiana until a couple of weeks after the event because he was vacationing on Martha’s vineyard. Now some in the media, who were calling out President Obama for not traveling to Louisiana, pleaded with him to cut the vacation short and go and visit the victims, but those pleas fell on deaf ears.

One of the biggest criticisms of Trump is that he doesn’t act presidential, yet during the Louisiana flooding he acted more presidential than both Clinton and Obama!

The second example of thinking outside the box was his trip to Mexico. The leader of Mexico invited both presidential candidates to visit and discuss issues. Trump accepted the invite but Clinton did not. All she did was release a statement attacking Trump and his rhetoric on immigration – how presidential of her!

Once again Trump went into hostile territory, where most political candidates would shy away from. Trump is very disliked by the Mexican people for his inflammatory rhetoric about illegal immigrants. While this writer doesn’t agree with Trump’s statement that Mexicans bring drugs into the United States (which is true), criminals cross the border (once again correct) and mexicans are rapists (incorrect), Trump does wrap a lies truths. He takes facts and inserts  inflammatory rhetoric to provoke a response.

Most enter the United States illegally because of the poverty and lack of jobs in Mexico or other Central American countries. They enter the United States because this country provides them with the opportunity to find work and provide for their families. However, this country is a nation of laws and the laws must be followed despite how some people feel on the issue.

So it’s no surprise that Trump was going into a hostile environment when he went to meet with Mexican President Neito. Yet despite this hostility he went to meet and explain his immigration position, trade policies and other issues. In Phyllis Schlafly last article before her death, she described Trump’s visit to mexico as similar to Reagan’s visit with  Gorbachev.

The media, pundits and political elites also attacked Reagan for using inflammatory rhetoric about the USSR (Soviet Union). They slammed Reagan’s rhetoric of calling the USSR an evil empire and strong stance on nuclear weapons and how that would lead us into a nuclear war with the USSR and destroy us all. Yet when the two super powers leaders met,  Gorbachev found out that Reagan was just speaking empty rhetoric and that he meant what he said and stood his ground on issues.

Now while I wouldn’t even put Trump in the same category as Reagan, I do believe that Trump had the same intentions that Reagan did when he first met Gorbachev. The fact that Trump went down to Mexico to have a dialog with a leader of a country who despises him shows some sense of being Presidential. Also, the Mexican president is still waiting for Clinton to accept his invitation. In fact, Hillary could have visited with the Mexican President at the opening session of the U.N. yet she didn’t.

Finally, I want to discuss Trump’s decision to visit Flint, Michigan. Although Trump has no chance of winning Michigan in the general election, he went anyway. Now, first, I have to give credit to Clinton for being the first candidate of either party to visit Flint during this crisis. She brought attention to the situation after it was uncovered a year ago. Yet the media attacked Trump as using the visit as a political ploy to reach out to the African-American community. Was it a ploy? Sure it was but shouldnt he get credit for making an attempt to reach out to that community instead of ignoring them and giving up on trying to win their votes?

Once again Trump’s visit brings Flint’s water crisis to the attention of the nation. In fact the mayor of Flint was upset that he would be visiting without contacting her office first. In fact the mayor was in Washington D.C. to give testimony before congress about the water crisis, something that was not reported by the national media. The only reason why it made it on the cable news networks was because it gave the media an opportunity to attack Trump!

Now you might disagree with everything that Trump says or stands for but he still should be given credit of not being afraid to go to places where he might not be welcomed to engage in a dialog. Also he should be given credit for bringing attention to a situation that the media has failed to report on or grown bored of. Somehow the media can get away with saying Trump is not being presidential when he is doing presidential things while others are not.


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