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Modern Warfare: Bring your popcorn for Monday night’s first presidential debate

By Matt Johnson

It’s Friday night and the mainstream media is in full spin. They’re pretty much all finished with the events in Charlotte, North carolina. With the attention span of a goldfish and the integrity of a 5-year-old left alone with a jar of cookies, the mainstream media has a new crush: the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump.

Good Luck Charlotte

As the economic and educational disparities between black and white Americans head to the showers for the next few days, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, and the other mainstream media outlets will be pumping up the volume all weekend long for Monday night’s RAW is WAR!

I’m sorry. I was thinking of something else. My apologies.

Anyway, as Fox News television host, Megyn Kelly exclaimed tonight during her show The Kelly File when referring to the two candidates and what Monday night’s debate will be like,

It’s two Silverback gorillas…It’s like Modern Warfare!

Perhaps RAW is WAR is an appropriate title for Monday night? Please don’t let this important first presidential debate turn into The Apprentice.

So where will you be able to watch this first presidential debate Monday night? Pretty much wherever your heart desires. Of course, you’ll be able to watch the debate on all of the major cable news networks. For those of you with no cable, Direct TV, or Dish, you’ll be able to watch it on regular network television; that is, Fox, CBS, ABC, and NBC. For those of you without a television, you’ll be able to stream the debate online on your preferred piece of technology.

The Debate

According to the Commission on Presidential Debates, the first presidential debate will start at 9 pm eastern standard time, September 26th. And there will be three main topics during the debate

  1. America’s Direction
  2. Achieving Prosperity
  3. Securing America

NBC’s Nightly News’ host Lester Holt will be moderating. He’s an even-tempered journalist so if this event gets crazy, it won’t be because of him.

Finally, it’s estimated that as many as 100 million people may tune into Monday night’s battle between these two “Silverback gorillas,” so bring your popcorn because it’s gonna be “Modern Warfare!”


Matt Johnson is an economics and science writer for The Systems Scientist. You can connect with him directly in the comments section, and follow him on Twitter or on Facebook

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