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Why Trump will win unless the left puts on their game face

By Matt Johnson

Scott Adams of Dilbert fame has been blogging about Donald J. Trump for the past year and half. And since the beginning, he has been predicting Trump will win in a landslide. At first glance, this seems insane. How is it possible that a racist and bigot could not only win the presidency, but do it in a landslide?

If you’re a bleeding-heart liberal, this is more than likely the question you’re asking yourself. In addition, you hold the position that Trump is indeed a racist, sexist, bigoted blowhard and you are determined no matter what to state such things often and publicly. However, this does nothing to understand Trump’s appeal or his impending presidency and eventual White House residency, which is precisely the problem.

There are a lot of reasons to believe Trump will win if you remove yourself from the bubble that is modern liberalism. And make no mistake, liberals exist within their very own bubble. This bubble is an intertwining topic throughout Jonathan Haidt’s book The Righteous Mind. And liberals, like conservatives, have their very own team mascot, colors, and playbook.

So let’s not pretend that liberalism is somehow synonymous with true reality of the world. Liberalism is but one perspective of rational and logic, and it’s but one perspective of emotion. And if liberals and the liberal elites were able to diagnose their own biases the same as a self-actualized scientist could, Cornel West has this ability, then this contest wouldn’t even be close. But as a consequence of their own lack of self-actualization, as Abraham Maslow proposed in his Hierarchy of Needs, Liberals don’t realize or understand that Trump is no idiot as many of them mistakenly state quite often.

If they were able to view their own dirty laundry, they would realize Trump is playing a game of emotional intelligence; and Trump is playing a game of persuasion. And as consequence, he is appealing to the emotions of many Americans, especially those in middle America. He is appealing to those citizens who have felt left out of the post recession recovery; he is appealing to those citizens who feel that every organization from the United States government to mainstream media has let them down. But there are liberals who can see through their own biases and outside the liberal bubble.

As Michael Moore stated this morning on Meet The Press,

The Clinton campaign was doing an end zone dance while they were on the 50 yard line [during the Democratic National Convention]. The democrats need to put their game face on.

Indeed! The Democratic National Convention was full of “Look at us! We are diverse! We are inclusive! We are enlightened! And the world is a better place because of us!” And perhaps this is true (this author certainly agrees with all of those things), but it misses the point of the current situation of how some Americans view their own experience. You know, “the white, uneducated, blue-collar” working peasants in middle America.

Many of them are wondering when the media and government are going to address their issues. And this issue was addressed later in Michael Moore’s interview on Meet The Press. As Moore exclaimed,

Where was the media during the Iraq War? Where was the media during the great recession?

In other words, where is the media in its coverage of addressing the issues facing middle America? To be frank, the media is nowhere. And in fact, each time an editorial board publishes their support for Hillary Clinton, or their lack of support for Donald Trump, it emboldens anti-establishment rhetoric and provides more reasons for people to vote for Trump. This plays into the social psychology of Donald Trump’s success. And as a response, middle America, as Moore explained to chuck Todd, is “…looking to get back at the system.” And how does one get back at the system? Easy. Donald Trump. But again, liberals don’t understand how many Americans would support such a racist, sexist, bigot.

The irony is that in all of the enlightened and tolerant rhetoric, liberals can’t see past their biases. And if they could, they would realize that millions of Americans don’t care what liberals think. Americans live their lives the best they can. They want stability in work and they want stability in a pay check. They want to be able to support their family, and they want an opportunity to increase their lot in life. And they want someone who will try to take their perspective; they want someone who will say, “Yeah! I get it. Let’s address your concerns.” And that’s precisely what the media and the government establishment haven’t been doing; and that’s precisely what Trump has been doing, even if and when liberals say, “But he doesn’t state any specifics!”

Ultimately, liberals haven’t taken the time to understand the perspective of those “white, uneducated, blue-collar” working Americans. Instead, liberals and those liberals in the media will generalize those people as racist, sexist, and bigots, thus ignoring the rhetorical fallacy of guilt by association.

No wonder why such improbable events occur on national television. Who would have ever thought that Michael Moore and Glenn Beck would agree on something on the very same morning political talk show. As Glenn Beck noted on Meet The Press this morning after Michael Moore’s interview,

[Michael Moore] has diagnosed the problem in this country. Everyone feels like there is a plague going on…and nobody’s listening to the hard-working American anymore.

Do you understand yet?

Forget about the fact that both the media and congress have terrible approval ratings and think about how the media and congress, i.e., the establishment, are viewed by those Trump is appealing to? Are they viewed positively? Are they viewed as caring about how the livelihood of middle America and the blue-collar American live their lives or about the opportunities they are presented? Yes? No? Think about how emotions drive decisions and then only afterwards do people rationalize the decisions their emotions facilitated.

All members of the species do this. It’s a part of being human. And since liberals are a part of the species they do it to. As an example, liberals are more concerned about affirming someone’s racist, sexist, and bigoted ways instead of taking the perspective of another, which is precisely why Trump has been handing everyone their butts over the past 18 months. Let’s not get started on the inability of the current political and journalistic tools to analyze this 2016 presidential election with any kind of success.

If liberals were interested in the experience of these groups of Americans they deem racist, sexist, and bigoted while trying to improve their lot, then Trump would have no rock to stand on. But liberals haven’t, don’t, and probably won’t do it, which is why a landslide win by a future President Trump is a real possibility unless liberals can get past their elite biases and put on their game faces.


Matt Johnson is an economics and science writer for The Systems Scientist. You can connect with him directly in the comments section, and follow him on Twitter or on Facebook

You can also follow The Systems Scientist on Twitter or Facebook as well. 

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    • Thanks for reblogging one of our articles on your site. We appreciate, Mr. Vincent. We do publish a mix of liberal and conservative writers with science as our base. Please do keep in touch with us!

      TSS Staff

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  1. Bleeding heart liberal is a too-outdated term to use, in a conversation about politics in 2016. The old battle, liberals vs. conservatives, has no place in the politics of today. The real battle is at the polls, between the two largest segments of the American population, the millenials vs. seniors. By voting or not voting, these groups will decide, who the next president will be. In the swing states, this will more closely, bare this phenomena out. The rest of the population of voters, will only play a substantial part, in who gets elected, if it is very close, between these two groups’ choices.


    • Mr. Exton, thank you for your comments and readership. You are right millennials are becoming a huge voter block. The problem is that they don’t always vote, unlike the seniors that do. It will be interesting how the Dems and Repubs change their messaging to reach them.

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      • You are so far off the mark, Americans are sick of liberals doing what the heck they want to do and there not being any consequences. Trump does or says just ONE thing and the lids don’t like it he must be strung up. But our resident criminal HRC has made a career of lying, stealing and she has blood in her hands but gets a pass. Why are you all so afraid of her because the crimes she has committed would put the average citizen in prison and not a presidential nominee. Obama is a liar too. He said that she is not fit to run our country but yet he is campaigin for her only because he knows the only way he can finish the garbage he started is with her in the white house. Take your big words and go away. TRUMP will win because Americans are tired of money and power hungry democrats who do NOTHING for our country. AND to use anything Michael Moore says just shows your ignorance because he is one of the biggest racist, sexist and as Un American as it gets, he says words that have no meaning just as you have done here. TRUMP will win because he loves his country and has seen all the promises made make Americans non believers up till now. The whole world knows about HRC and her crimes and many world leaders don’t want to deal with her nor do they trust her. So go back to the hole you climbed out of and stop using big words just got show because even the not so smart people see through you.

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      • Hi Deborah. Thanks from r taking the time to comment. Could you possibly enlighten us how we are odd the mark in more detail? Not being sarcastic, I am asking honestly. Here at TSS News Mag enjoy dialog and sourced based rationale.

        Now we are far from being scared by any candidates.

        We are also not afraid of saying what we believe and we ate not beholden to any corporation or political party. We are fair and have many writers across the political spectrum.

        Once again thank you for your comments


    • First and foremost, thank you of reading my article, Mr. Exton! I do appreciate it. Second, thank you for commenting. I do read them and appreciate the feedback.

      To your point about the term bleeding-heart liberal, there are liberals who still use that term. Perhaps none do around you, but I do come across them from time to time. But that is really a minute detail in my article, isn’t it?

      I appreciated how you tried to take that minute detail and blow it up to something that would desolve my argument in only a few sentences without any contrary notions or sources. That made me smile. And this leads me to my next point.

      Dear sir, you did not address any of my points or the social psychological notions in my article. Again, I’m not making a traditional political argument. Those don’t work with Donald Trump. Are you trying to change the premise of my article so it matches a common, rudimentary premise from that of Fox News, MSNBC, or CNN?

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    • I am a senior and I am as liberal as they come. And I have been a registered Democrat for over 50 years. Do not blame me if Trump wins. Blame the DNC and the Democratic establishment that considers progressives “f*ucking retarded.” They say they don’t need us until they need us. Sorry, it’s too late.

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      • Good morning, Sharon!

        Please take this as a compliment. I have a dear friend who is also a senior – she has been around for a very long time – and she’s a liberal, and I adore her greatly. I am of the belief system that we must respect our elders. So I heed your words.

        I would in no way blame you personally for the election of Donald Trump. However, I would certainly put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the corporate establishment, the DNC, and those who have blindly supported Hillary Clinton without careful reflection and self critique. I believe that one must challenge their own positions for weakness and validity. Then and only then can one move forward with judicious clarity.

        You are welcome here anytime, Sharon! Have a great day!

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      • Greetings, Sharon! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, we appreciate all comments.

        I am intrigued by your feelings of disillusionment with the political elities within the democratic party. When you state that “sorry, it’s too late”, are you expressing that you plan to sit out this election, voting for a 3rd party, or holding your nose and voting for Hillary? Also what where your feelings when Sen. Sanders decided to endorse Hillary at the convention?

        Once again thanks for reading.

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  2. Food, clothing and housing are the three basic necessities in life. They all are dependent on money. Money is dependent on income. Income is dependent on stable employment. When there are no jobs or decent ones people don’t care about what a candidate says about grabbing someone’s…..They will vote for the person who promises jobs. Trump has made jobs one of the central themes of his campaign. This will attract a lot of votes.

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    • Greetings Asimou! Thank you for taking the time to comment on one of articles. You are right Trump has promised to create jobs and it will attach voters however; Hillary has also promised the same thing. Sadly both candidates according to the polls have very low trust numbers. This election has turned into which candidate do I dislike less which is sad for democracy.

      Once again thanks for taking the time to comment. Feel free to check out the site and browse our other articles.

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  3. I found this article very intriguing. I used to consider myself a Republican, but with the the way the party has been ran, along with my own shift to a more centrist view, I’m now an independent. It seems to me that neither party is really listening to the American people very well. The conservative voters have become so disenfranchised that they picked Donald J. Trump to represent them. I have witnessed every day the liberal bias you described in this article. I know many liberals who are open minded, and will listen to arguments without attacking and labeling someone. However, it seems the general mind set is that if you do not agree with their ideologies, you are labeled with some “phobia” or deemed a racist or bigot. They scream for tolerance, yet they show none in return. When did it become so wrong to think for yourself? I have witnessed friends and family feud over this election, because they can’t agree to disagree and respect the other’s views. It doesn’t help either that the major news outlets have become bias in their reporting, pushing forward their own agendas. If people deny that it is happening, then they have turned a blind eye. I’m having a hard time with wanting to vote for any of these candidates at this point.

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    • Thanks Mr. Mays for your comments, we love hearing from our readers. You are right about conservatives picking Trump because of feeling disenfranchised. However I feel that that is just a movement within the party itself.

      This movement manifested itself back in 2010 as the tea party. It was somewhat successful, yet the elities in the party shut down those tea party candidates once they got to Washington. The GOP kept caving in to Obama, which inflamed voters within the party.

      Trump won the primaries because of egos. Rubio and Cruz couldn’t set aside their egos and collaborate to defeat Trump. So they have no one to blame bush themselves.

      The electorate is increasing becoming polarized with no signs of it ending anytime soon. In fact, I believe that the country will just become even more polarized and angry. I think that this country is heading into a revolt or collapse, I hope I am wrong. We must remember the history of democracies, it has a short shelf life that always ends with a dictator, emperor or monarch taking over, but maybe I am being too cynical about the politics of the time.

      Once again thank you for your comments Mr. Mays.

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    • Than we can lose our freedom to vote which most countries would give anything to be able to vote and have the freedoms we have! This nation is the way it is because we have left out God long ago! It started in 1962! When children couldn;t Pray in school any more! Every nation that abandons God will suffer, that;s why all this hatred and name calling! God is love and when you love God, you will show his love! LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF! Love is the answer! God loves everybody but he hates Sin! And this nation has sinned against him!

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      • Thank you for you taking the time to comment on one of stories. Since I am not only the political writer but also the religious writer at TSS, I feel that I should respond to your comment since you invoked God. One of God’s attributes is of course love however, He is not love; He is first and foremost, Holy.

        I must correct you when you say that God loves everyone. This is simply not true. Mal 1:2-3; Rom. 9:13 tells us that God loved Jacob but hated Esua.

        I do agree with you that once a country abandons God and His truth and it is in danger of His judgement, but thank God, He has given us an opportunity to repent and turn back to Him and His ways.

        We were told that there will come a time when because of lawlessness that the love of many will grow cold. (Matt.24:12) This nation is becoming divided because of lawlessness amongst people and systems. This is what is causing hatred and name calling.

        Once again thank you for your comments and readership.

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  4. This was a very interesting article, and even though I will vote for Trump I find what you say to be very true. We all are blind to our biases. I am always self refletive, and are far more centrist than right or left. I just wish there was a very ethical honest candidate, I don’t know that those traits exist in our society anymore. It’s a shame our first woman running for president is Hillary Clinton. So because of her abundant dishonesty I will vote for Trump.

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    • Greetings Gerri, thank you for taking the time to read and comment on one of our articles.

      We all have bias, some of us have the ability to keep it suppressed more than others.

      Emotions have become more of the norm rather than rational debate. Sadly this hinders our ability to engage with one another and have any meaningful debate. It also hinders our government from compromise so things can be fixed and for things to get things done.

      Hopefully things will change after the election but I highly doubt it. I fear we will be in for 4 more years of a do nothing congress and stonewalling of any legislation that would fix and address the issues that people outside the beltway bubble deal with daily.

      Once again thanks for reading. Make sure you look through our archives to find other gems in science, politics, cultural and a wide range of topics.


  5. us “bleeding-heart liberals” think it’s really cool that you deny the reality of scientific polling, and are certain your vile candidate will win! it makes your hot tears that much more delectable…they’re my favorite post-election beverage!

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  6. This is a fantastic and well thought out article. I’m a moderate with predominantly left leaning social views who found myself so appalled by both candidates that I voted 3rd party. What boggles my mind is that middle class voters somehow believed that Trump, a man who still has the proverbial silver spoon sticking out of his mouth, would actually give a damn about the “regular Joe”; particularly when he has made a career out of screwing over small business people. Given how Trump was making an increasingly YUUUUGE a$$ of himself with his inflammatory rhetoric and Twitter temper tantrums, I definitely understand why people thought Hillary was the lesser evil. But I also saw a lot of friends who started to double down and suggest she was “great”. I’m not sure if that’s just a case of denial and overcompensation on her behalf or if they actually had their heads buried that deep in the sand. I do know that they gave her a “pass” for things they would have crucified her for if she had a different letter next to her name. Just as the Republicans would have done to Trump if he didn’t have the “R”. People may want to vote against the establishment, and Hillary was definitely representative of the Plutocracy, but the rampant hypocrisy is part and parcel of establishment politics. The mainstream media has let us down. Objective journalism has seemed to go the way of the Dodo. I don’t think Obama was a bad President by any stretch, but he wasn’t perfect, either. But the mainstream media predominantly played the part of cheerleader during his tenure. Where was the anti-war left the last 8 years? Where was the calling out of his administration for needlessly getting involved in the morass of Syria? Or in Libya? (Both of which Clinton pushed for, which was one of the reasons I couldn’t stomach pulling a lever for her, either). Or dropping a bomb once for every 20 minutes of his Presidency? Or the expansion of Executive power?


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