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The VP debate was the debate we hoped for

Robert J. Garrison

Well, if you wanted a debate that was full of policies and political philosophy, then this was the debate for you. Yet the debate was marred by Senator Tim Kaine. This debate can be summed up in one word…interruptions. Kaine interrupted Governor Mike Pence over 39 times! He even interrupted Pence when he was sharing a remembrance of 9-11. Overall Kaine’s tone just turned independents off and left Pence with an opening to exploit, which he did.

Pence did what Republican nominee Donald Trump couldn’t do, which is give the voters a reason to vote for the Trump. Kaine kept trying to throw out the bait and Pence didn’t fall for it at all. There are a few things I want to discuss that were brought up in the debate. First the false narrative that the Iran deal has stopped Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

The Iran nuclear deal will not stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. All the deal does is prolong the inevitable of Iran obtaining them for 10 years. We must remember that the Iran deal has an inspection component to it. Iran will be given notice as to which site the inspectors will want to visit, and Iran will have the final say as to whether they can inspect the site they want to visit of not! Lastly, the Iran deal also addressed Iran’s missile proliferation which Iran has failed to abide by.

The second issue I want to address is the Donald Trump tax story. What everyone is doing is treating the New York Time’s article about Trump’s taxes as factual. But it’s actually based on conjecture! The taxes released were from a state tax return. The New York Times had a bunch of “accountants” speculate that it’s possible that Trump might not have had to pay federal taxes for 18 years based on his losses. There is no proof of this what so ever! That fact alone turns the NY Times story into an op-ed. Besides the conjecture, this story just doesn’t have the impact that the media and political elites hoped it would. Why? Because the average American could care less about the taxes of a candidate. They want to hear about policies and plans that will help them get out of this sluggish economy or provide them with a good paying job!

One last point, Kaine came off as aggressive, which appeals to the base of the Democratic party only. However, Pence was being respectful yet defending himself from Kaine’s planned and canned one-liners, which will appeal more towards independents. Just that fact alone means Pence won this debate.

Finally, the moderator was absolutely horrible. She lost all control of the debate from the first minute. Also, she seemed more concerned with getting to every issue she had on her list. Towards the end of the debate, she would stop the great exchanges between the two VP candidates to get to the next issue, truly awful!


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