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Poll: Who won the second presidential debate?

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Well that was a spirited debate with a lot of fireworks. And what about that no hand shake? Clearly this debate was very different from the first one, and it’s going to provide the mainstream media with a plethora of details to analyze. With that said, we want to know what you thought of the debate? Who won? Hillary Clinton? Or Donald J. Trump?

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  1. Nice to finally see Mr Trump be himself and the person we all voted for in the primaries. I am glad he was finally speaking his mind, bringing up real issues and saying all the things he didn’t say last time. Tonight was a great debate and seeing the polls from those on the fence w Frank Lutz was awesome! I hope the next debate is even better!


    • It was definitely a different debate and a different Donald J. Trump. The Townhall format played to his strengths and as the debate went on, it was clear he was gaining confidence. He definitely found his groove. Thanks for posting, Nancy!


    • Thanks for taking the time to comment Nancy! It was clear that Trump came to play and wasnt playing around with Hillary. He clearly had the momentum for most, if not all the debate. I believe that this was the Trump that came from the gut. He came off very genuine and connected with the crowd, as he always does. Hillary appeared rattled, that was most likely because of the four woman sitting in the front row. It was a checkmate moment by Trump that gave him an edge and won him the debate.

      P.S. The moderators were the worse….I didnt think that was possible but the media clearly showed their biased for all to see.


  2. Trump spoke from his heart direct to the voters. Hillary proved no match and was finally revealed for what she really is and represents. Trump did a masterful job taking on the CNN (Clinton News Network) biased moderators and Hillary. Trump POTUS 2016 – 2025 & Hillary to SING SING for life in 2016


    • Thank you Mr. Lepp for taking time to comment. Trump does seem to have a gift of connection with people which is what has driven his campaign from the beginning.

      He is a master Producer and knows how to draw people into an event to make them emotionally a part of the even rather than just mere spectators.

      The moderators were clearly called out by Trump for their apparent and clear bias which has always been the GOP argument against the MSM. Trump did a great job turning this bias into his advantage.

      Once again thanks for you insight and comments


  3. Trump unleashed on her.. And that is what his base wanted to see. They also wanted to see her reaction when he went after her on the hot topic issues.. And I believe they got what they wanted to see.. A flustered and rattled Hillary. I believe he appealed to most people because he came across as “taking charge” of the debate. And people like someone that takes charge. I truly believe the liberal left are sitting and wondering. How can someone like this racist bigot be attracting people?? They don’t understand that trump is the man representing the unnoticed, hard working average Joe that is sick and tired of the status quo that continues in the political world.


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