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RIP, Donald Trump Campaign!

The Systems Scientist

By Robert J. Garrison

While everybody was waiting for Wikileaks to drop an October surprise on Hillary, which they did, the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, had his own October surprise dropped on him Friday.

Last weekend was effectively the death of the Trump campaign. Yet, let’s be honest, it’s not like we didn’t see this coming. I mean really people.

On Friday, the media uncovered ahot mic conversation between Donald Trump and an access Hollywood reporter, Billy Bush back in 2005, that contained very lewd comments about women.

While the Republican nominee Donald Trump did try to get out in front of the story by releasing  a written statement quickly after the Washington Post broke the story. Trump also released a video apologizing for the comments. But what about the debate performance?

While Trump clearly gave the debate performance if his career, I believe it will not be…

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