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Poll: Will you be voting on November 8th or 28th?

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Although election night is Tuesday, November 8th, Donald J. Trump recently at a rally in Panama City, Florida reminded his followers to register to vote and informed them to vote on November 28th. Obviously, this is 20 days too late! And unless Trump is some sort of Clinton mole, many have wondered, citizens should vote before or on November 8th!

Of course, we would never attempt to obstruct a citizen’s right to vote. This is against the law. Vote on November 8th! However, we know there are always a few dissenters; a few citizens who won’t take no for an answer; and a few citizens who say, “You can’t tell me what to do!” With that said, we wanted to know who plans on taking Donald J. Trump’s advice by voting on November 28th.

Vote! And join the conversation below!


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