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Daily thoughts by Trump supporters, part I

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Obviously, there’s a lot of energy right now with this election and it’s only going to intensify as November 8th approaches. And as a consequence, both Trump and Clinton supporters are digging in and fortifying their respective positions.

If you have had the opportunity to sift through the Facebook pages of both candidates, then you know that both groups are utilizing in group/out group language. In addition, each group thinks they’re perspective of the world is correct.

But in this article, we are going to focus on some of the comments made by Trump supporters. Please do not judge them too harshly. Clinton supporters aren’t much different as you will eventually see in future articles. And besides, it’s important to keep in mind these people are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, etc… And most importantly, they are fellow citizens who, again, have a different perspective of this election. They, just like everyone else, have righteous minds.

One Trump supporter stated the following about Clinton’s director of communications mocking Catholics and Evangelicals in an email released by WikiLeaks,

How dare you make fun of Catholics, Evangelicals, Christians. You really are evil. Just disgusting. I am thankful the American people can openly see now, what many have been talking about you. Simply pathetic.

Here’s a Trump supporter responding to the WikiLeaks release of email documents that apparently show that interim DNC chair Donna Brazile received debate questions in advance that may have also been forwarded to one Hillary Clinton,

Donna Brazil from Wikki Leaks “Hillary gets debate Questions in advance” I think this pretty much sums up the entire Clinton campaign. One big fraud.

Here are some general thoughts by another Trump supporter. Her disdain is clear. As she states,

[Clinton] is a snake and it’s so sad that there are actual people that look past her criminal behavior and lies and till want her! She will destroy America, well she will finish obamas mission. Which is why we need Trump!

And finally, this Trump supporter’s beef seems to be with liberals in general. As he explains,

Typical liberal. Talks over, louder, and through anyone else with a differing opinion. No grasp of facts, lives in a fantasy dream world.

We’re positive it is easy for you to judge and decide immediately. But this is really meant to be an exercise in empathy and perspective taking, especially if you are a loyal reader. We certainly aren’t trying to convince you to switch teams. Rather, it’s easy to see these people as the “other,” or deplorable. We certainly know one of the presidential candidates made this mistake, and now this group has taken on that insult as a battle cry.

Just some food for thought from the TSS Staff.


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