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Nov 8th: Are we there yet? Trump or Hillary

By Robert J. Garrison

We are slowly coming to the end of the presidential election and people couldn’t be any happier! Two weeks ago, a YouGov poll showed that over 80% of those polled wish the election was over with. Here at TSS, we reported that this fatigue actually started back in the summer.

Now, while I am one of those that would be in the 20% of that poll, I do sympathize with those that wish the election was over with already. It does seem that every presidential election season begins earlier than then the last but hang on we’re almost there.

This election has been a very difficult one to gauge. The polls are all over the place and if we have learned anything during the primaries, we have seen how unreliable they have been on both sides of the political aisle. You have one candidate, Hillary Clinton who is easy to read and figure out. You know how she will react or spin a negative story because she has been doing it most of her political life. She has a track record of outright lying, ignoring, and colluding to get out of any trouble (email scandal, wikileaks, working with the media, and undermining Bernie Sanders). Yet why are people voting for Hillary? They are doing it because they can’t stand the other guy, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is the opposite of Hillary Clinton. Trump is not easy to read or figure out because he does things outside the box. Donald Trump has revolutionized how you run a primary and national campaign for president. The fact that this outside the box tactics have worked so well has baffled the pundits and political elites. Also, the polls have been so far off when it comes to gauging Trump’s support. You have heard this phenomenon called the silent majority. Whether or not there is a silent majority, there is no doubt that Donald Trump supporters are just like Hillary supporters, voting for him because they can’t stand the other person. Yet Donald Trump does have one thing going for him, he comes across as a real person, not a politician. Trump doesn’t filter his words through focus groups for weeks like Hillary Clinton does.

Yet Donald Trump does have one thing going for him, he comes across as a real person, not a politician. Trump doesn’t filter his words through focus groups for weeks like Hillary Clinton does. Another strength of Trump is that he’s an outsider. People are tired of the same old politician telling them one thing and going to Washington and doing nothing that they promised. They want change! They want results! We are in the middle of a voter revolt.

Many people have asked me, “Robert, who do you think will win?” The road will be hard for Trump to win. However, Trump is peaking at the right time and in politics timing is everything.Yet, Hillary Clinton does have the electoral college advantage over Donald Trump. Unless Donald Trump can flip one blue state such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, or Wisconsin, he will lose. With all that said, I believe that Donald Trump will squeak out at victory.

I do believe that Donald Trump would be better for the country than Hillary Clinton. Hillary’s socialistic policies would do nothing but make America weaker. She would raise taxes, support lack immigration policies, and double down on Obamacare. These policies would do nothing but burden the middle class even further. The middle class is slowly disappearing in this country and once it does, America will no longer be the land of opportunity. I said this because American’s economic growth is tied to consumer spending. If the people do not have the spending power to grow the economy, America is doomed to meager growth of only 1%-2% a year.

Donald Trump policies of tax cuts, trade reform, and repealing Obamacare would help the middle class regain the strength they have lost in the last eight years. Unless you strengthen the middle class, the economy will not grow at the rate needed to support the spending on government programs such as national debt, social security, Medicaid, and other entitlements. So Donald Trump is clearly the better choice for the middle class.

Now a note to my Christian readers:

I have heard throughout this election cycle that God has used flawed people like David, Sampson, Noah, Cyrus, and Rehab. So it’s possible that God is using Donald Trump to restore America back to her greatness.

I have a different christian view. What if it’s not restoration that God has in mind but judgement? What if God is using Hillary as judgment? We have many examples in the Bible of leaders being used by God to bring about judgment like the kings of Assyrians and Babylonians, the pharaohs of Egypt and of course the Emperors of Rome.

On the eschatological front, what if Hillary will be used to weaken America further to prepare the coming of the Antichrist? Now, I believe that the US must be weakened both economically and politically to make way for the antichrist to come to power. I believe, as do many Christians, that we are living in the end times and that the prophecies written in the Book of Revelation will happen in our lifetime. Maybe, just maybe this election will be used to start in motion the prophetic time clock known as the last days.

Robert J. Garrison is a political and religious writer for The Systems Scientist. You can connect with him directly in the comments section, follow him on Twitter or on Facebook, or catch up on his articles in the Archives

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  1. Well I’m a Christian n I prey God isn’t ready I want to go to heaven but I feel I have much more to do in this life that I have been blessed to have received so God bless America n God bless Trump


    • Thank you for taking the time to comment on one of our articles.

      I understand what you are saying about not being ready to go but just use that to be a good steward of the time that the Lord has given you. Live and serve to the fullest and leave everything on the field.


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