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Breaking News: November surprise

By TSS News Room

FBI director James Comey sent a letter announcing the FBI’s decision NOT to change the conclusion they came to in July of not pursuing charges against Hillary Clinton.

After looking through the newly discovered emails found on a laptop shared by her top aide; Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner, the FBI didn’t discover anything new that would lead to a change in their July recommendation.

Below is the letter that FBI director James Comey sent to Congress announcing their findings:


This news has sent shockwaves throughout both campaigns. With only 48 hours left in the presidential campaign, the news was welcomed by the Hillary campaign and touted by her surrogates as more proof that the Democratic nominee has done nothing wrong. It is definitely good news for Hillary Clinton that was desperate and needed something to inject the campaign going into the final two days of the election.

The Trump campaign viewed the news as yet more proof that the system is rigged in their opponents favor and against them. The Trump campaign and its supporters believe that there is overwhelming evidence for at least an indictment. With that said, today’s FBI decision might take away the momentum that they gained when the FBI announced that they were reopening the probe back on Oct. 28th.

It is unclear how this announcement will impact the outcome of the election, if at all. We will all find out on Nov. 8th or the day or two after.


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