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2016 election reflections

By Robert J. Garrison

It’s morning in America. A morning after Donald Trump winning the 2016 presidential election and the world didn’t end. Last night Donald Trump took apart the Blue Wall of the upper Midwest, brick by brick, and will most likely use it to start building the wall along the southern border. There is a lot of finger-pointing as to why Donald Trump was able to break through the Blue Wall of the upper Midwest.

Of course, instead of blaming themselves, the democrats started blaming the American voter.Pundits, elites, and celebrities took to social media screaming how could America be so misogynist, racist, stupid, and so full of hate to allow someone like Donald Trump to be elected. Once again the democrats fail to look in the mirror and see who is really to blame for their party’s loss.

Well, I wasn’t the only one that saw the writing on the wall pertaining to this election. In fact, the staff here at TSS was one of the few news outlets that never underestimated Donald Trump and how he was able to use psychology and sociology to connect with the voters in a very powerful way. TSS Editor-in-chief Matt Johnson saw this long before anybody else did. In “Why Trump will win unless the left puts on their game face” Matt warned democrats not to underestimate Donald Trump or his outside the box campaign tactics. He told them that unless they removed themselves from their bubble, they wouldn’t be able to see what Donald Trump was doing and how he was connecting with the voters.

Well, last night democrats didn’t remove themselves from their bubbles. Why? Because their candidate Hillary Clinton and her advisers kept themselves deeply embedded in that bubble that bred a blinding arrogance. It’s that arrogance that led the DNC, and the media, rigging the primary so Hillary Clinton could steal the nomination from Senator Bernie Sanders.

Maybe, just maybe, they should spend less energy blaming the voters for their lost and more energy on blaming the party that rigged the primary to give it to Hillary instead of giving it to Bernie, whom would’ve most likely beaten Trump.

Full disclosure, for those that think that I’m saying this cause they think I voted for Trump, your wrong because I didn’t vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

However, I did predict that Donald Trump would win in a nail bitter because we here at TSS never underestimated Donald Trump and we thought outside our bubbles. We had our game faces on but apparently the mainstream media nor the democrats didn’t. That is why you both lost and the American people won! Chew on that for the next four years.


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