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From Obama to Trump, a voter’s journey

By Katherine Gunderson

How do you square so many people who voted democrat their entire lives – including twice voting for Obama – and this year voted for Trump? They clearly weren’t racist before so did they suddenly become racist just because they desperately wanted change? Hillary was just more of the same, except she was terribly unlikable and brought way too much baggage. Although a few people were diehard Trump fans, most voters faced a “lesser of two evils” decision.

Trump had his own problems but he wasn’t constrained by establishment politics and could shake things up. For those whose economic situation has worsened, it seemed to be worth a gamble on a guy who actually listened to their concerns and promised jobs.

Hillary has been criticized for focusing on Trump’s comments and deficiencies (of which there are many), and not having an economic message like Bernie’s. Lumping anyone who was considering Trump in her “basket of deplorables,” calling them names and acting as if anyone who wasn’t voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) as if they were morons or rednecks eventually shaming them into silence; they told friends and pollsters they were undecided but made their voice heard in the ballot box.

Most ordinary people, myself included, did not want either Clinton or Trump. We looked at 3rd party candidates and some landed with Jill Stein. Others wanted to choose Gary Johnson but his interviews showed he was not ready to be a prime time player. And there was always the fear that a vote for Stein or Johnson might get the “greater evil” candidate elected. Clinton was so intensely disliked that people felt they had no real option but to choose Trump or stay home.

There was another voter – the conservative Christian who may have been a democrat at one time but cannot vote for a democratic candidate because of their abortion stance. They knew the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) hung in the balance and Trump promised judicial appointments in the mold of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia. They felt SCOTUS was legislating from the bench, taking laws voted on by a majority of people in a state and tearing them up.

They were disgusted by Trump’s comments and sexual activities. And they did as many progressives did. They held their nose and voted for the party platform, not the candidate. Progressives voted for the democratic party, not Hillary; and conservatives voted for the republicans (GOP), not Trump.

Bottom line, I think people who planned to vote for Trump were shamed into silence and still are. I would suggest that Trump might actually get some good things done because he has worked with legislators on both sides of the aisle. He says he wants a huge infrastructure jobs bill which could have much more support from the democrats than the GOP.

I hope people can wait to see what he does. And I hope he rises to the position to which he was elected and actually tries to do the right thing for our country, instead of acting out of selfish motives. Most of all I hope he apologizes for some of the awful things he said and disavow those who are saying and doing horrible things to others – supposedly emboldened by Trump’s win.


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