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Minneapolis: The tale of two cities 

By Robert J. Garrison

The council’s decision to divest from Wells Fargo because of their investments in the DAPL is just a political ploy by the council. They most likely haven’t thought through the ramifications of that action. The ramifications of a strictly political decision that just harms those living within the community. Yet they made it a political issue to draw attention away from their failures.

2016-11-18-1Aside from the points mentioned above my question to our readers is, how does this divestment vote address the poverty in Minneapolis?

Well, it doesn’t! It’s a political ploy by politicians to divert the focus away from their failures to address the real issues that are affecting minorities living in Minneapolis – poverty. Matt Johnson has pointed this out in his recent blog In Minneapolis, Black poverty is the problem not Wells Fargo.

This inaction of dealing with real issues of those living within the community is why so many voters have become disillusioned with typical politicians and are revolting. People are tired of talk and they want action and they want it now!

This revolt has opened the door for “political outsiders” to enter the local races in Minneapolis. One of those “outsiders” is  Nekima Levy-Pounds who is a Black Lives activist and former president of the Minneapolis NAACP. Whether Levy-Pounds wins or not, the voters can be assured issues that really matter will be at least brought up during the race.

However, as always the elites always find a way to silence or undermine “political outsiders.” We saw this happen to Senator Bernie Sanders when the DNC and Hillary’s campaign colluded to beat Sanders in the Democratic primaries.

Now, pertaining to Minneapolis the same can happen and has happened for decades. Sadly, Minneapolis is a tale of two cities – North Minneapolis and the rest of Minneapolis. It’s always been that way (even while I was growing up in Minneapolis).

North Minneapolis’ problems have been ignored for far too long. The newspapers and media don’t care about the plight going on in North Minneapolis because it doesn’t sell papers or ads. Part of the problem is voting demographics. North Minneapolis only makes up a small percentage of the voting base in the city. Unless Minneapolis begins to act as one community instead of two, the problems of North Minneapolis might never change.

5th-ward-and-13th-ward-crime-pattern-dwmThe only way that Minneapolis can be united as one is if we begin to heal and address the issues that affect us all and come together. Out of sight does not mean out of mind. We must be conscious of the hurting going on around our city. We are our brothers/sisters keeper whether they live next door to us or on the other side of town.

It is only through this united sense of community that we can elect leaders who do not live inside a political bubble that just pay lip service to the voters every election cycle. It’s time to stop playing politics with people’s lives and start serving the community, all of the community. The time is ripe for change, are you ready? are you in?

Matt Johnson also contributed to this article.

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