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Nekima Levy-Pounds doesn’t have a plan

By Jamar Nelson

Nekima is not only strong but arrogant and sometimes confuses her strength for brute. Nekima can definitely call people together, sometimes speak to their hearts, and on occasion say what many people won’t or are afraid to say. Great!

Gathering people is cool, but it needs to be done for the right cause, i.e., jobs, housing, business, and crime. One example of a cause that needs to be addressed is, how black on black crime is concentrated and rising at an astronomical rate on the north side of Minneapolis. It is not only destroying lives, but it is driving down the value of homes and taking innocent lives. Not to mention, it is adding to the already increasing rates of non-white males in the prison system. However, instead of addressing the issues, she will blame it all on the white man. Talking about black on black crime is not “doing the white man’s work” as she often says.

I’m not okay with the fact that she never wants to talk about black on black crime. Why I do I believe it is important for her to talk about black on black crime? It’s important because crime affects jobs, housing, businesses and the community.

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This issue is becoming not only redundant but more incredibly serious when you’ve had over 200 shootings in 2016; for which, the majority of these have been black on black or non-white on non-white. We know this because Minneapolis is still fairly segregated and the shootings are taking place in predominantly non-white neighborhoods. A candidate has to talk about it, have a plan for it, and be willing to discuss it with concerned constituents. With this said, one can only guess that 2017 will be the OK Corral.

So what would 2018 look like with Nekima Levy-Pounds at the helm? My guess it will be as cataclysmic as tornadoes.

Speaking of tornadoes, remember the tornado that hit North Minneapolis? Since then minority homeownership has gone down and she has never addressed this reality. Why is this important? It is important because if a man owns his own home he is less likely to break into another man’s home. This is because he has worked hard to earn and maintain what he has.

Here’s something else to consider regarding renting versus owning. Renting is at an all-time high! What’s her solution to increase minority home ownership? Once again she hasn’t addressed this reality and come out with a plan to change this reality.

As for entrepreneurship, why isn’t she talking about more minority-owned businesses in North Minneapolis and other parts of Minneapolis? What kind of policies could she put forth to rectify and increase minority business? This is important because businesses create jobs in the community. It’s also important because if a person has a job and learns there is dignity in work, he is less likely to rob another for what he has because he himself has worked hard to earn his coin. Yet again what’s her plan?

How about crime? The crime rate drastically brings down the value of someone’s home and as a homeowner why should he or she have to deal with the devaluing of their home due to nothing of their doing but only because of the crime in the neighborhood? Where is she on crime? What’s her plan?

Similarly, what is her plan about policing the communities? She would tell you she has had a positive affect on operations within the Minneapolis Police Department. I would so beg to differ. I don’t know one thing she can point to that she has changed for the better in the operations in the Minneapolis Police Department. The only thing she has done is added fuel to an already divisive fire. Once again what’s her plan?

Minneapolis is a multicultural city and it shows in the neighborhoods around the city. A Mayor must represent and reflect that as well. I have no doubt she will not because she doesn’t have a plan!


Jamar Nelson is a guest writer for The Systems Scientist. He is also a co-host of The Black Republican/Black Democrat Show on Twin Cities News Talk in Minneapolis, MN. He is a loyal Democrat and Dallas Cowboys fan.

 You can connect with him directly in the comments section, and follow him on Twitter or on Facebook

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